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The compound is a salt, CaCl2 (calcium chloride), which is formed by ionic bonds.

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What is the correct formula for the ionic compound formed between calcium and chlorine?

the correct formula for ionic compound between calcium and chlorine is CaCl2

What is the chemical formula containing two calcium atoms and three chlorine atoms?

There is no correct chemical formula described in your question. When calcium and chlorine combine, they form calcium chloride with a formula of CaCl2.

How many chlorine atoms are in the compound calcium chlorate?

Calcium chlorate has the formula Ca(ClO3)2. Therefore, there are two chlorine atoms in each formula unit.

What ionic compound is formed when hydrogen and chlorine combine?

The compound formed when hydrogen and chlorine combine is hydrogen chloride, with formula HCl. In pure form, this compound has highly polar covalent bonds, but when dissolved in water, the compound ionizes.

What is the formula for Ca and O- Chemistry?

Calcium (Ca) and oxygen (O) combine ionically to produce the compound calcium oxide, with the formula CaO.

What is the number of calcium atoms in calcium chloride?

Calcium ions have a charge of +2 and chlorine ions have a charge of -1. Because a compound is neutral, you need two chlorine atoms per calcium atom, thus giving us the formula of CaCl2. This tells us that there is one calcium atom in the compound.

What is the formula for compound rubidium and chlorine?

The compound formed between rubidium and chlorine has the formula RbCl.

What is the compound formula for calcium and phosphorus?

The formula unit for a compound containing calcium and phosphorus is Ca3P2. It is an ionic compound called calcium phosphide.

What is the compound formula for calcium phosphate?

The compound formula for calcium phosphate is Ca3(PO4)2

What is in calcium chloride?

The calcium salt of chlorine. Its formula is CaCl2.

In the reaction of calcium with chlorine .?

The chemical formula of calcium chloride is CaCl2.

What is the chemical formula of calcium flouride?

"Calcium flouride" is not a chemical compound and has no formula. The formula of calcium fluoride is CaF2.

How do you write a formula for a compound with two elements?

Start with the symbols for the 2 elements, such as sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl) that combine to form the compound NaCl (table salt)

Formula for calcium polonium?

A compound calcium-polonium is the calcium polonide with the chemical formula CaPo..

What is the formula for this covalent compound chlorine dioxide?

The chemical formula of chlorine dioxide is ClO2.

What is the formula of chlorine and calcium bromide?

The chemical formula of chlorine gas is Cl2 and the symbol of the element is Cl; whereas the formula of calcium bromide is CaBr2. I hope u got it !!!!!!!!!!

What is the formula for a compound of calcium and polonium?

CaPo is the chemical formula of calcium polonide.

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