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This depends upon the circuit breaker capacity. You may never load a circuit to greater than 80% of it's capacity. So you may load up to 12 Amps on a 15 Amp circuit, and, 16 Amps on a 20 Amp circuit.

The National Electrical Code requires you to calculate each receptacle at 180 VA.

If the circuit is 120 volts and 15 amps, you would have 1800 VA, divide by 180 VA per receptacle, equals 10 receptacles per circuit (minus the wattage of each luminaire or light fixture added to the circuit, before dividing by the 180 VA).

If the circuit is 120 volts and 20 amps, you would have 2400 VA, divide by 180 VA per receptacle, equals 13.333 receptacles per circuit (round down to 13 receptacles),(minus the wattage of each luminaire or light fixture added to the circuit, before dividing by the 180 VA).

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Q: What is the formula to figure out how many plugs and lights you can put on a circuit?
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Has anyone had problems with power flickering and if so what was the cause also have bathroom plugs that when you plug in the lights dim When you when off the power the lights come back up?

Your bathroom plug and light are on the same circuit. When you plug in a hair dryer that uses more electricity then the bulb the bulb will dim. To fix this you need to call an electrician and have him put the lights on a separate circuit from the plugs.

Why have your side lights and instrument panel lights not working?

Lights that don't workThis is caused by what is called an "open circuit condition."Open circuit conditions are caused by things like blown fuses, cut or broken wires, disconnected "connector" plugs, or corrosion buildup anywhere in any connections or connectors.

How many receptacles and lights can you run on a 15 amp breaker?

Electricians go with about 12 plugs or up to 15 combination of plugs and lights. Yet the way best way to calculate is by adding the total watts "if known" which will be used on the circuit. The max the NEC code allows is 80% of the circuit,s capacity. So 15 x .8 = 12 amp x 120V = 1440watts.

Which circuit breaker to use for the plugs and geysers?

The size of circuit breaker you use for the plugs and geysers depends on the size of the house. Circuit breakers play an important role in homes in keeping electricity supplied.

Are wall plugs parallel or series circuit?

They are parallel. Each plug is in parallel with the other plugs.

Tail lights and dash lights wont work you check all the fuses and bulbs 98 Malibu?

Check the fuse again; tailights and dash lights are fused together on most vehicles. You need to pull fuse and test with a circuit tester and test both sides where the fuse plugs in.

How do you install a new circuit for an outdoor outlet?

You will need an electrician. Tim is probably right in that unless you are knowledgable, call an electrican. Saying that, if you are knowledgable, you must install a GFCI circuit outdoors. This can be tied into an existing circuit if that circuit has no more than 9 existing lights & plugs already connected. Use 12/2 with ground wiring.

Can you connect plugs and lights on the same circuit?

Yes, up to a combination of 12 devices. Devices include receptacles, switches and light outlets. Each outlet box counts as one device

Why do your trailer lights stay on when you turn the jeep off and take out the key?

The trailer plug in the Jeep may be wired wrong. Make sure the tail light plug is connected to the jeep taillight circuit. Some trailer plugs include a "hot" wire that allows the trailer to run a few accessories. Your trailer tail lights may be connected to that circuit.

The power in your house is half off all the circuit breakers are on. Some of the lights were dim and then went out completely Now some lights work and most don't Same with the plugs. How can this be?

you've got wireing problems. beware of fire, check for hot areas.

How is electricity supplied around a house?

Electricity is supplied around the house through a service distribution panel. From this panel specific circuit are wired to supply power to plugs, lights and appliances. Each circuit is protected by a breaker that is located in the distribution panel. These breakers vary in trip values to accommodate the load wattage's of different appliances that are connected to the circuit.

Why do indicators work but hazard lights don't on 518 BMW?

The hazard lights are a seprate circuit even though they share the same bulbs. I would first replace the hazard flasher; it simply plugs in. Usually the hazard flasher is located in the interior fuse panel. I hope this helps you. Mark

Does dining plugs go on arc fault an and small appliance circuit?

Rephrase the question.

What do you do if some of your lights on your Christmas tree are not lighteing up?

If you have used several strands of lights, make sure the plugs are plugged in securely. If the plugs are plugged in, check the bulbs. With some types of lights, if one bulb is burned out, left out, or loose, the entire strand will not light. If the bulbs are all working, it is probably time to buy a new strand of lights.

What is the number of plugs can a 15 amp circuit handle?

according to electrical code, a maximum on 12 outlets on a branch circuit unless the loads are known.

Are gfci plugs required in a bathroom?

Deoends on code you are governed by. In USA, a GFCI outlet or a circuit controlled by a GFCI circuit breaker would be required.

Why don't these Christmas lights have plugs on both ends?

You can put one end at the top and spin the lights around and around the tree until the tree is covered in lights. Then you plug in the end at the bottom!

What is it called when Appliances without plugs or are connected directly to a circuit are said to be?

That is called Hard wired

What circuit breaker is used in a load center?

Don't Understand your question, all of your circuit breakers start at the load center and then branch out to your recepticles(plugs) ETC.

Why are your brake lights out when you remove the front turn signal plugs from behind your motorcycles headlight?

You may have disconnected the earth return or battery wire for the brake lights. This is only a possible solution if the brake lights do not use the frame as an earth return directly adjacent to the brake light housing. Normally the switch operated by the brake pedal or lever connects and earth to the brake circuit to light the brake lamp.

1988 corvette idles rough after changing rotor cap plugs and wires. No idiot lights?

recheck wires to plugs sounds like two are crossed

How many plugs on a 20 amp circuit?

In the United States, commercial and industrial installations are limited to 13 receptacles on a 20 amp circuit, 10 receptacles on a 15 amp circuit. There is no limit for residential installations.

How many strings of Christmas lights can be plugged into one socket?

It depends on what type of Christmas lights. If they are the (now) standard 50 , 100, 150, mini-lights, they use a 3A fuse and you COULD use a MAXIMUM of about 750 lights if they are strung together from one string (end to end plugs) before blowing the fuse built into the plug of the first light set. If you plug them into separate outlets (or into an outlet-strip), then you could light about 3750 lights on a (otherwidse unused) 15 A household circuit. With the new LED type Christmas lights, it might be even more.

What has the US done to save energy?

They started to turn off the lights when not needed and to unplug the plugs when not using.

What would happen if elctrical plugs only had on prong?

If electrical plugs had only one prong, nothing would happen. Electricity would not complete a circuit. Nothing would work.