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Volume = 1/3 height of pyramid multiplied by the area of the triangular base.

V = 1/3 h * area of base.


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The formula to find the volume of a triangular pyramid is: 1/3 (1/2 B H ) H

Wouldn't a circle-based pyramid look a lot like a cone ? If so, you could probably use the formula for the volume of a cone and get away with it.

A pyramid is any three-dimensional polyhedron where the faces other than the base are triangular and converge at one point, called the apex. The formula for finding the volume of a pyramid is . There are some tutorials at the related link below that can help you figure out how to use this formula.

The formula is: V=â…“ . bh, where: b - area of the base h - height

1/3 b x h b=area of base h=height of pyramid

The volume of a pyramid is: Volume= 1/3 area of base (length * width) * height OR V= 1/3LWH * * * * * A pyramid can have a base that is any convex polygon - not just a rectangle. So the "length * width" part of the formula is not generally valid.

Volume of a pyramid = 1/3*base area*height

formula of find the volume of dish

To find the perpendicular height of a square pyramid, first compute for the volume of the pyramid. Then divide the volume by the area of the base to find pyramid's height.

Basically, the same as the volume of any other pyramid: the volume is (1/3) x base x height. The "base" refers to the area of the base; for instance, if the base is a regular pentagon, use the formula for a regular pentagon.

The general formula for any type of pyramid - as well as for cones - is (1/3)Bh, where "B" is the base area, and "h" is the perpendicular height.

A pyramid has a base and triangular sides which rise to meet at the same point. The base may be any polygon such as a square, rectangle, triangle, etc. The general formula for the volume of a pyramid is:Area of the base * Height * 1/3 The volume of a pyramid with a rectangular base is equal to: Length_of_base * Width_of_base * Height * 1/3

It has to do with the surface area formula: To find the total surface area of a pyramid, use this equation: Surface Area = B + 1/2 * P * s B = base area P = perimeter of the base s = slant height To find the volume of a Pyramid, substitute into this equation: V=1/3Bh B=base area h=height of pyramid

If it is the frustum of a pyramid: The volume of a pyramid (with a square base) is: Length_of_base * Width_of_base * Height * 1/3 To get the volume of the frustum, subtract the volume of the top part (also a pyramid) from the full volume. <><><><> frustum of a cone the formula is (h*pi)/3*(r1^2+r2^2+r1*r2) this is where h = height r1= top radius r2=bottom radius

The formula for a triangle-base pyramid (a form of tetrahedron) isV = 1/3 Bh where B is the area of the triangular baseFind the area of the base by the formula B = 1/2 bh (height of that triangle), then multiply by 1/3 of the pyramid'sheight.

first you find the area of the base and then you find the area one side of the pyramid an you time it with 3 if it is a triangular pyramid or 4 if it is a square pyramid

h = height, B = area of base, v= volume h = 1/3 B * v formula

An octagonal pyramid has nine faces. It also has nine vertices and 16 edges. You can find the volume of this pyramid by using the formula that the base 'B' multiplied by the height 'h' must be divided by three.

use the formula: Volume=1/3 x(times) the area of the base x(times) height (V=1/3Bh) plug in the numbers

The formula to find the volume of an object is Length times Width times Height

Find the area of the base, find the height of the pyramid. Volume = (1/3)*(area of base)*(height)

1/3 * B * h In this formula you find the area of the base, times it by the height, then divide that answer by 3. (also can be 1/3 * l * w * h - they are the same thing)

A formula is a string of letters and numbers and other mathematical characters. It has no volume.

Presumably it's a cone or a pyramid: 1/3*base area*height = volume Make the base area the subject of the formula: base area = (volume*3)/height

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