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What is the formula when fluorine and chromium react?


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Chromium fluorides are:

Chromium difluoride: CrF2

Chromium trifluoride: CrF3

Chromium tetrafluoride: CrF4

Chromium pentafluoride: CrF5

Chromium hexafluoride: CrF6

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Lithium and fluorine react together to form lithium fluoride which is an ionic compound.

Under still milder conditions, chromium metal reacts with the halogens fluorine, F2, chlorine, Cl2, bromine, Br2, and iodine, I2, to form the corresponding trihalideschromium(III) fluoride, CrF3, chromium(III) chloride, CrCl3, chromium(III) bromide, CrBr3, or chromium(III) iodide, CrI3.

Ag is Silver and Fluorine is F. Together they react to form Silver Fluoride. Ag + F ----->AgF

Lithium fluoride is the compound formed as a result of this reaction: LiF is the formula.

The chemical symbol (not formula) of chromium is Cr.

What is the formula for Chromium ( 6 ) phosphate

OF2 is the formula for fluorine oxide.

Aluminum does react with fluorine gas (which is the most corrosive substance known to science).

the empirical formula for fluorine is F. the chemical formula is F2.

One: The formula for magnesium fluoride is MgF2. Since each mole of fluorine molecules, which have the formula F2, contains two moles of fluorine atoms, one mole of each is the right ratio.

The chemical formula of chromium (III) trisulfide is Cr2S3.

The chemical formula of chromium(III) arsenate is CrAsO4.

The formula for chromium(VI) selenium is Cr2Se6.

OF2 is the formula for fluorine oxide.

The chemical formula of chromium(III) nitrite is Cr(NO2)3.

The chemical formula of chromium II fluoride is CrF2.

The formula for chromium (III) fluoride is CrF3.

The chemical formula of chromium iodate is Cr(IO3)3.

Halogens are not highly react. Most reactive one is fluorine. Others are less reactive than fluorine.

Cr3Si2 is the empirical formula for a compound containing chromium and silicon an has 73.52 mass percent chromium.

CrO since the subscripts cancel out but the question really should not be asking what is the formula for chromium oxide, it should be asking what is the formula for Chromium(II)Oxide

The formula for chromium III bromide hexahydrate is CrBr3·6H2O

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