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Q: What is the frame size of the 16 gauge Lefever Nitro?
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What thread size is the front bead on a Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge shotgun?

I have an original 16 ga. nitro special made by Lefever. The sight bead is one eighth if an inch in diameter.

Are all perazzi mx16's 16 gauge or are some 12 gauge?

Some are 12 gauge, some are 16 gauge. The MX16 is a 12 gauge frame; same frame size for both gauges.

Is the Browning auto 5 16 gauge built on the 12 gauge frame?

Not the Belgian guns. The frames were a different size. There were some guns made in Japan that had the same frame

What size wheels do mgp nitro extreme have?

The mgp nitro extreme has 100mm alloys

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it all depends on what electric motor,nitro or gas engine you have and the size and mixture of nitro you have (if your using a nitro engine), and for the electric motors it depends on what size motor and how many kv it has and what size and type of battery your using.

What size is 6 gauge wire?

The size of the wire is stated by its gauge under American Wire Gauge. Six gauge wire is size 6 AWG.

What size is the fuel tank on a Dodge Nitro RT?

The Dodge Nitro has a 19.5 gallon fuel capacity.

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a lot if u want to get size 10 gauge u should get the normal ear piercing size which is a size 20 or 18 gauge and slowly gauge it to a size 10 gauge

Is the Dodge Nitro the same size as a Jeep Liberty?


What size is the mgp nitro extreme clamp?

The mgp nitro extreme has a triple clamp it's about 50mm high by 30mm wide

What is the difference between a 12 gauge shotgun and a 20 gauge?

Size of bore, size of ammuntion

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Frame Size

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see American Wire Gauge. The larger the number the small the wire size.

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6g Save

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The size of the bore.

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he has a 00 gauge, same as me <3

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The frame size of a Smith and Wesson model 66 is K.

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