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Diet sodas freeze at the same temperature as water--32 degrees. Classic sodas freeze at about 30 degrees.

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Q: What is the freezing temperature of soda pop?
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What is the melting and freezing point of soda?

The melting point of soda is the temperature at which frozen soda will turn to liquid soda. The freezing point is the temperature of when it turns from a liquid to a solid.

What is the freezing point of pop?

Soda or soda pop will begin to freeze at about -10 C. It has a lower freezing point than water because of the sugar and carbon dioxide content.

At What Temperature Does Soda Pop Boil?

Soda pop will boil at a little over 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Soda pop will freeze at a temperature colder than 32 degrees.

Why does cold water freeze faster than soda?

soda has bubbles, which hold warmer air than the temperature you are freezing it at.

How does baking soda lower the temperature of water?

Because when baking soda is added to water the chemicals react as a freezing component causing the temperature to decrease by 1-5 degrees

When you visit Arizona would you ask for 'a soda' 'a 'pop' or a 'soda pop'?

In Arizona, you would ask for a soda or a soda pop.

Why does water freeze faster then soda?

because soda(s) contain carbonation, which hold warm air in them therefore lowering the freezing temperature.

Is Ginger Ale Pop?

by pop, im hoping you mean soda, as in soda-pop. and yes ginger ale is a soda-pop

What is the freezing temperature of soda?

It will be very similar to water (although just a bit less), so just under 32 °F or 0 °C. Listen, if you don't know the answer to a question, don't guess. Soda is not similar to water, unless it is diet soda. Soda contains lots of sugar which, when dissolved in water, substantially lower the freezing point of soda. It is under pressure, especially when canned, which also makes it freeze at a lower temperature. And it contains acids which also will slightly lower the freezing point of soda. And, finally, it contains salt which further lowers the freezing level. While diet soda -- which is sugar free -- will freeze just under 32 degrees, regular soda will require a much lower temperature to freeze, usually well below 20 degrees and perhaps under 15 degrees, depending on other factors such as speed of onset of temperature reduction, etc.

At what temperature does soda pop lose its fizz?

i say if the temperature and 60 and below and if it was open it will lose its fizz because no matter if its hot or cold and its not opthe temperature was 70ts fizz because its closed but if the soda was open and

Is soda pop a mixture or substance?

Soda pop is a mixture.

Is elf soda pop i?

is elf soda pop available

Is soda pop an acid or base?

Soda pop is an acid.

Does soda stay colder longer in a glass bottle or plastic bottle?

Soda pop will stay colder longer in a glass bottle, provided that the pop was in the glass bottle when it was in the refrigerator. Glass retains temperature longer than plastic. This means that a plastic bottle will reach room temperature before a glass bottle at the same temperature. Since the pop is surrounded by the bottle, the temperature of the bottle effects the temperature of the pop more than anything else.

Do pop rocks pop faster in water or soda?

Soda and it is dangerous the soda could explode

Is coke a type of pop?

Yes. Pop is soda and Coke is a soda.

Is pop compound?

Soda pop is a mixture.

At what temperature can you get frostbite?

the temperature below freezing

Will soda pop freeze in trunk if wrapped in towels and blanket?

Yes, wrapping it in a towel or blanket would only slow the freezing process.

Does name brand or generic soda pop have more fizz?


What is the opposite of soda?

the opposite of soda is pop or it could be sodapop so pop!!!!!!!

Is soda pop a mixture or a compound?

Soda Pop fits the definition of a MIXTURE.

Why do you call soda pop soda pop?

Sodium carbonate and when you shake it, it pops.

What was the age of soda pop from The Outsiders?

Soda pop was 16-going-on-17

Does the soda and pop rock thing really work?

The soda and pop rock thing actually does really work. When you add pop rocks to soda pop the soda fizzles in the same way it would if you dropped it and immediately opened it.

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