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About 23 degrees Fahrenheit Wine is a water based solution containing ethanol (and various other solutes), it has to get colder than the freezing point of water (32 F or 0 C) .Generally wine will freeze around 20 F (-7 C) depending on the type of wine.

Household freezers can range from 5-8 degrees Fahrenheit which is lower than the temp range it takes for wine to freeze. The water in the wine will expand into ice crystals (water is fairly unique in that it expands as it freezes) and since the volume of the bottle is nearly constant, the pressure will increase; possibly dislodging the cork.

Pure ethanol has a freezing point of approximately -173.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The water, however, will freeze at 32 F.

You may calculate the actual freezing point depression of wine using Kfp X msolute where Kfp is the Freezing Point constant of water (-1.86 C/m), and m is the molality of the solute (ethanol).

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Q: What is the freezing temperature of wine?
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