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What is the french word for dresser?


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dresser is it self in FRENCH.


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dresser as in furniture: une armoire

Dresser in french is commode!

A dresser with a mirror is called 'une coiffeuse' (fem.) in French. The same word is used for a (female) hairdresser.

la commode is the meaning of dresser in French. It is a person who does hair for a living.

a dresser is likely to be called "une commode" in French. You can also come across less used words like "un chiffonnier" ("un chiffon" being a rag) or "un semainier" which is a dresser with seven drawers (one for each day of the week).

An "armoire" or a "wardrobe".

the actual translation for a desk in French is "bureau" this can also mean "office," as where a dresser is a piece of furniture used by a lady for her makeup and hair

The noun is the same in French as in English. It is spelled 'train'.The verb to train (instruct) is entrainer, and to train an animal dresser.

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