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What is the french word for light?


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(noun) -> lumière (f)

(verb) -> (s')éclairer, (s')allumer

(adj lightweight) -> léger (-ère)

(adj bright color) -> clair(e)

Other meanings of the word "light" could require other translations.


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The French word is "photographie", word which was created to mean "writing with the light" from two Greek words "photo" meaning light and "graphein" meaning to write.

Actually you have it , Blond is the french word meaning fair or light colored. Our English version is spelled Blonde and is taken directly from the french word.

La lumière des étoiles.

chesnut or light brown hope it helps !

It depends on whether you mean "light" as in the noun, which is la lumière, or as in the adjective, which is leger/legère.

Fair-haired (and light-haired) are translated 'blond' (masc.) or 'blonde' (fem.) in French.

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light in french is Lumière. Hope this helps

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Neh-oh is a French pronunciation of 'néon'. The French word is a masculine noun whose definite article is 'le' ['the'], and whose indefinite article is 'un'['a, one']. It means 'neon, neon light'.

the light is translated 'la lumière' in French.

The word is the same in French.

losange is a French word, lasagna is an Italian word spelled lasagne in French.

"gulamala" is not a French word; it has no meaning in French.

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