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Front brakes on a 97 are a piece of cake...

Remove the wheel after you jack it up and secure it from falling on you of course - you will see a typical disc brake set up.

At the back of the caliper there are two bolts that hold it in place you will have to select the right socket and apply alot of backward force to get it off if it hasn't been done for a while but undo the 2 bolts and the caliper will lift off by pulling it up.

Then you will remove the adapter that holds the caliper in place by removing 2 more larger size bolts. Lift out the adapter from the disc

The rotor will now pull straight toward you replace it with new part that is the correct part for your car( don't be afraid to spend a few bucks and buy a severe duty part as these cars eat brakes if you buy cheap ones.)

Now take a c clamp and squeeze the piston / cylinder - that's the part that presses on the actual pads (note: it was the pads that fell out when you removed the caliper - and squeeze the piston back into the caliper so you can put those new pads in.

Install the new rotor

Re-install the adapter

Set the pads on the rotor

Then you will be able to slide the caliper over the new pads and rotor

Secure the mounting screws and put the tires back on and try it out.

You do not have to bleed the brakes unless you have taken the actual brake line out of the caliper. Usually you would just set the caliper to the side while it is still attached to the line and this would not be an issue.

Be careful of the level of fluid in you reservoir as pressing the caliper in with the c clamp can cause it to over flow if there is a high level of fluid in the tank already

Good luck and get help if you really don't think its right because it really is important to have brakes on your car. I do this every year on my 97 wagon and it usually takes me 20minites a side using the factory jack to lift her up and a few tools at the house.

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Q: What is the front brake assembly layout for a 1997 Ford Taurus?
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