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the code for law runes plus other runes is:

law runes: ::pickup 0563 999999999

nature runes: ::pickup 0561 999999999

fire runes: ::pickup 0554 999999999

water runes: ::pickup 0555 999999999

mind runes: ::pickup 0558 999999999

chaos runes: ::pickup 0562 999999999

air runes: ::pickup 0556 999999999

body runes: ::pickup 0559 999999999

death runes: ::pickup 0560 999999999

blood runes: ::pickup 0565 999999999

cosmic runes: ::pickup 0564 999999999

soul runes: ::pickup 0566 999999999

earth runes: ::pickup 0557 999999999

when you enter 999999999 at the end you get unlimited runes!!!!

if you have any more questions add vamp0s


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Q: What is the frugooscape law rune code?
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2587 1 umm ......... one thing i hate Merlin badly

What is the Saradomin Sword code for Frugooscape?

the code is ::newstuff0 and u can get many items with it also a rune party hat and d full helm d defender the code is ::newstuff0 and u can get many items with it also a rune party hat and d full helm d defender

How do you get the code for bank frugooscape?


What is guthins war spear code for frugooscape?

== == == == == == == ==

Ancient staff frugooscape code?

The code For ancient staff is 4675

Frugooscape codes for runes?

Fire rune - 0554 Water rune - 0555 Air rune - 0556 Earth rune - 0557 Mind rune - 0558 Body rune - 0559 Death rune - 0560 Nature rune - 0561 Chaos rune - 0562 Law rune - 0563 Cosmic rune - 0564 Blood rune - 0565 Soul rune - 0566 Steam rune - 4694 Mist rune - 4695 Dust rune - 4696 Smoke rune - 4697 Mud rune - 4698 Lava rune - 4699

Frugooscape Code for cars?

there is no such code for vehicles exceapt a sled but that makes you walk

What is dragon mace code for frugooscape?

1435 is the dragon mace code for!!

What are level cheats for frugooscape?

the code is ::lvl 126

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Code for dragon dagger p in frugooscape?


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::pickup 2347 1

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ummm i can tell one 1187

Where do you train prayer in frugooscape?

You need to use a code for bones.

Code for karils bow?

if your talking abot frugooscape its 4734

Frugooscape code food?

it is ::pickup 0386 for sharks The code for Trout: ::pickup 0334 1000000000

Where i can play in frugooscape?

this is wht it says on - You can't play Frugooscape Game at now. Because Jagex sued frugooscape for copyright infringement, as frugoo stole Jagex's game code to make their game, now their website is only leave some kind of youtube runescape and frugooscape videos.

Wthere is a cape on frugooscape its called grain whats the code?


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umm for frugooscape its ::pickup 6740 1

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4718=dharok's great axe

Where do you put in frugooscape cheats in on the game?

you type in ::pickup then the code, then how many of that item you want. code how many

What is code for in frugooscape ancient staff?

anceint staff is 4675anceint staff is 4675

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567rr8cc ::pickup 0567 1000000000 for a dark bow

Anyone no the minin skill cape code for frugooscape?

::pickup 8012 1

Frugooscape bandos codes?

they have it in the new 504 test server but I dont know the code