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What is the full word of cc?

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Copy corespondence Cubic capacity Cubic centremetre

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What is full form of cc?

CC means Carbon Copy

What is full form of cc camera?

closed circuit camera Closed Circuit Camera is the full form of cc camera.

What is full form of iod cc?

(IOD) - Intimation of Disapproval (CC) - Commencement Certificate .

Full form of cc?

Capital counsellor

What is the full form cc?

Cute Couple.

Where is 0.125 cc on a 1 cc syringe?

It's 1/8 of the way from empty to full.

How much is 6 cc?

That depends what the 6 cc volume is full of.If it's full of water, you can get it pretty cheap. If it's full of pure deuterium oxide, it would cost a lot more.

What is the plural of cc as in cubic centimeters?

If cc stands for cubic centimetres, and the word centimentres is plural, then cc is plural.

Cc full form?

From Email? :Carbon Copy

Full form of cc in bikes?

cubic capacity

What is the full form of CCL or CC leave?

full form of CCL celebrity cricket league

What is the full forme of cc?

closed caption cubic centimetres

What is the full form of CC used in engines?

cubic centimeters

Convert 60 cc to another measure?

60 cc equals 60 ml, equals 4 full tablet spoons.

What cc motorcycle can you ride on a full motorcycle licence after a 15 year break?

Any cc as long as your license is still valid.

What is an analogy word for creditcard?

Plastic cc

What is cc from black veil brides full Name?

Christian Coma

Why does your kawasaki 617 cc engine show over full after oil and filter change?

kawasaki engine 717 cc. timing mark

What is the full form of CC in motor bike?

if you are asking what cc stands for: Cubic Centimetersin US they will also use Cubic Inches sometimes

Which part of the engine constitutes the CC measurement?

The CC is the engine displacement which is the total volume of air/fuel mixture that is drawn into the cylinders in one full cycle.

What station is CC Radio located on?

The CC Radio is powerhouse, portable radio from C.Crane. The CC Radio also has a built-in Twin Coil Ferrite AM Antenna. The radio is located on a full-power AM radio station in the USA.

What is the full word for legit?

The full word is legitimate.

Word with cc making k sound?

account :P

What word is used to describe genotype Cc?

Dominant Recessive

How is the second cc pronounce in the word boccaccio?

Its Called "Chii"