What is the function of a TV Tuner Box?

There are several scenarios for using an externa TV tuner box. The first is if the Tuner box has a coax output (for channel 3 or 4) and the TV can be tuned to that channel it can be used in place of the TVs internal tuner. An example is if the UHF tuner is out (channels 14-69) it can be used to receive those channels. If the TV tuners VHF (2-13) and UHF (14-69) are out and the TV has an AV input (yellow-white and or red) the TV tuner box can be used to receive the antenna channels. Similarly the TV tuner box can usually also be set to receive cable TV channels by changing a switch on the box or changing a setting in a setup screen on the TV tuner box. The second instance (and this will become more important as we near the FCC analog signal cutoff date of Feb 17, 2009). All analog signals will be cut off on that date. Older TVs that do not also have the ATSC or QAM tuners in them will not receive antenna or digital cable signals. Many TVs sold after around May 2006 to present have those tuners built in. Virtually all HDTVs sold after that time will have them. The TV tuner boxes are available now, but generally are in the $150.00 - $200.00 price range. As we get closer to January 2008 we will see more of these offered in the market and will likely be much less expensive $40.00 - $50.00 range. The Federal Government has a program for issuing $40.00 vouchers for such TV tuner boxes and each family will be alloted up to two. Many consumer electronics shops and stores will have the boxes and be able to redeem the vouchers.