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mirrors and penlights illuminate the tissue area of the oral cavity and aid in detection of pathology such as carious lesions and pre malignant or cancerious lesions. x rays naturally is another diagnostic tool

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Q: What is the function of instruments in oral diagnosis?
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What doctor is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of oral pathology?

Answer is D. An oral surgeon

What is the purpose of Vermillion border?

The vermillion border function as a marker in diagnosis of oral diseases. Thus the border between non-keratinized oral mucosa and the lips, changes during certain pathological conditions.

Function of oral communication?

function of communication

What is the function of the oral groove?

the oral groove is where the paramecium gets its food

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Definition of oral histology oral embryology and oral physiology?

oral histology is the study of the structure and function of oral (mouth) tissues through the use of a microscope

Pictures of oral and maxillofacial surgery instruments?

yes i need the pictures

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To sterilize instruments.

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What is the function of the cilia that line the oral groove?

Cilia are not present in oral cavity. There is thick skin like mucosa in your oral cavity, which is derived from the ectoderm.

What is the function of the esophogas?

It's pronounced ESOPHOGUS. and the function of it is to send food into the stomach from the oral cavity.

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In an paramecium what is the function of the oral groove?

It directs food to the mouth.

Can you get oral herpes from the dentist?

It is not likely, they are required to sterilize their instruments and use protective clothing and gloves.

Main function of an autoclave?

An autoclave is used to sterilize instruments.

What test is test is performed to confirm a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and to aid in diagnosing hypoglycemia?

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test

What is the Definitive diagnosis of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever rests on?

liver function test

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Can menopause be delayed?

we can use estrogen such as oral pill to replace ovarian function

What is function of gullet in paramecium?

Carries food from the oral groove to the food vacuole.

What is nursing diagnosis for shortness of breath?

Oxygenation, impairment in, related to diminished lung function.

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an oral groove specially the one found in Paramecium serves as their "mouth" its where their to-be-ingested food enters. an oral groove specially the one found in Paramecium serves as their "mouth" its where their to-be-ingested food enters.