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How do you get seeds from pine cones?

you get them by pulling the stems off of the pine cone

What are the similarities and differences in seaweed and scot's pine?

Sea weed has no stems where as a pine does.

Are pine tree needles stems or leaves?

They are needles

What plants have stems that contain silica?

horsetails. also found in pine needles.

What is the function of gamma rays?

what is function of gamma ray

What is one function of plant stems?

To transport water and food

What is the function of the ground tissue in the center of roots and stems?


What is the important function of stems?

To provide stands to the tree or plant.

What kind of rays do solar cells depend on for their effective function?

light rays

What is the function of a cone on a pine tree?

It is how the tree can let its seeds spread, to make more pine tree's.

How does the ozone function?

Ozone protects us from the harmful UV rays. UV rays are harmful and fatal rays.

Which type of plant has the least amount of xylem tissue?

There are different kinds of stems some are woody and some are non-woody. Woody stems have alote of xylem tissue. Trees and shrubs have woody stems. The woody of conifers such as pine tree is soft wood.

What is the function of the vascular cambian in the woody stems?

produces xylem and phloem

The primary function of stems is to?

Support the flowers. ^^^ Incorrect It is to Support the Leaves

Which organ system is most similar to the stems function?

cardiovascular system

What is the function of bristlecones pine needles?

white mountains In California

How does the opuntia plant are adapted in the desert?

By having succulent stems with grooves and modifying leaves in to spines. The function of leaves is taken up by green stems.

What is the function of the ureters?

Narrow stems that let the waste flow from the kidneys to the bladder.

How do flower stems get their nutrients?

It is the function of the root supplying food/nutrients to the plant.

What is the function of the soft rays on the fish?

it helps it swim

What is the function of a trees stem?

stems provide the means for the transportation of water, minerals, and food.

The function of the lens is to?

The function of lens is to to form an image of an object by converging or diverging rays of light from the object.

What are the fanction of the ozone layer?

BY fanction, i mean function. The main function is to protect earth from UV rays.

What function does earth's ozone layer serve?

The ozone layer of earth helps to filter the UV rays. These are harmful rays.

What is the function of a lens?

The lens bends the light rays to focus them on the retina.