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A an internal hard drive that plugs directly into the motherboard.

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Q: What is the function of the IDE drive?
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Related questions

The function of ide cable?

An IDE cable connects a hard drive or CD drive to the main board of the computer.

When installing a hard drive and a CD rom drive in the same IDE channel which do you configure as the master and which as the slave?

It would be best to configure the CD drive as the Master and have the hard drive set to slave. This configuration normally allows the CD drive to function when hard drive is not bootable on a single channel IDE.

What does ide stand for in ide hard drive?

The letter IDE in an IDE hard drive stand for Integrated Drive Electronics. Most computers today have an EIDE hard drive, which stands for Enhanced Integrated Device Electronics.

What are words with ide?

IDE stand for Integrated Drive Electronics.

What are the advantages of an IDE hard drive?

The only advantage of using a IDE hard drive is maximum compatibility. It appears that SATA hard drives have a lot more advantages than an IDE hard drive.

What must an IDE hard drive have in order for an AGP slot?

The IDE drive has no direct correlation to the AGP bus.

Can a SATA hard drive use IDE?

No. You would have to purchase an adapter to connect a SATA drive to an IDE controller.

Can you use an ide hard drive cable on a pata hard drive?

yes. pata and ide are the same thing.

What is the function of IDE controller card?

An IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is the controlling interface for the hard disc or optical drive (CD ROM etc.). The controller was integrated (hence the name) into the hard disc unit rather than being mounted on the computers motherboard. The first IDE units appeared in 1986 and has been replaced by the ATAPI (SATA) drives today.

Is a sata hard drive better than a ide hard drive?

Yes a sata hard drive is better the an ide hard drive because it has faster transfer speeds

Can you put a ata and ide hard drive drive in the same computer?

ATA and IDE use the same interface type, so the answer is YES, you can put the a ATA and an IDE in the same computer.

Can a SATA optical drive be used Instead of an IDE optical drive?

Yes. But your computer needs to be properly configured for a SATA optical drive. Also, a SATA drive is better than a IDE drive.

What should the replacement optical drive be on the primary IDE controller?

If replacing the optical drive on a primary IDE controller, it is important it is compatible with the CD Rom drive. The IDE data cable must be connected and you must have the power cord plugged in.

What is the smallest storage access unit on an ide hard drive?

The smallest storage access unit on an IDE hard drive is a sector.

Transfer files from IDE Hardisk to SATA?

It depends on the hardware you have. if you have only SATA in your computer you can buy an IDE to USB external case then you can install the IDE drive into the case for an extra drive or backup

What IDE stand for?

Integrated Drive Electronics

What is the full form of ide cable?

Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE)

What does an IDE connector do?

An IDE connector is used to connect a CD-ROM drive or hard drive to a motherboard, with a long and flat ribbon cable.

What is the function of IDE cable?

IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) is a standard electronic interface used between a computer motherboard's data paths or bus and the computer's disk storage devices. The IDE interface is based on the IBM PC Industry Standard Architecture 16-bit bus standard, but it is also used in computers that use other bus standards. Most computers sold today use an enhanced version of IDE called Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics. In today's computers, the IDE controller is often built into the motherboard.

Where can one purchase an IDE hard drive for laptops?

There are various places one can purchase an IDE hard drive for laptops. One can try to find an IDE hard drive at a computer store such as BestBuy or one can purchase one online from sites such as eBay.

What is the IDE channel to connect hard drives?

The best IDE channel to connect on a hard drive is the Primary IDE channel, Also known as IDE 1 in dell computers

Can you replace eide hard drive with a sata hard drive?

No. IDE Hard Drive cannot be replaced with a Sata Hard Drive because the connectors are different. example. if you have sata hard drive installed on your machine. and you purchase IDE Hard drive. you won't be able to install the IDE hard drive where the Sata hard drive was because the IDE connectors are a different shape and size towards the Sata hard drive connectors.

Full meaning of IDE cable?

integrated drive electronics is the Full form of the IDE cable.

If a single hard disk is attached on a primary IDE channel what should the jumper be set to?

master if the ide cable has a single drive connection. if the ide cable has the master and slave connection. then set the drive to master with slave.

IDE cable DVD installation?

Not sure what you need to know exactly but all you need to do is plug the IDE cable into the IDE slot of the DVD drive.