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What is the function of the blade of a leaf?


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what is the function of blade of a leaf

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A blade is the expanded part of the leaf

To carry around water, minerals (from the roots) and sap.

The blade is said to be the main part of a leaf. Photosynthesis occurs in the blade. The leaf blade is also known as the lamina.

The blade or lamina is the broad, flat part of the leaf. Psotosynthesis also occurs in the blade.

there is no TM at all that contains leaf blade

it is to carry meth into the leaf through the veins into the petiole and ending up in the roots. This makes the plant very high.

Sceptile learns leaf blade at level 22.

Grouvyle will learn leaf blade at lvl 29.

Leafeon learns leaf blade at level 71.

grovile learns leaf blade 28 or 27

Is boundary area extending along the edge

Treecko can't learn leaf blade until it evolves in Grovyle at level 16. Grovyle learns leaf blade at level 29.

It is lamina, the expanded part of the leaf.

The broad flat par of a leaf is called the blade

its a leaf of grass or the broad portion of a leaf as distinct from the petiole

He cannot learn leaf blade. You need to have a heart scale and go to pastoria city. After go to the guy who will let you remember moves. Leaf blade will be in the remember pile.

the part you just see above the broad green part is know as leaf blade. also it is call lamina

The leaf blade , the main vein , the veins , the stem and the leaf.

Well,you'll have to defeat the e4 with Rayquaza.For the champion us Leaf storm/blade on Wailord then earthqauke on Tentacruel(even if it's water type,it still works.On Milotic,leaf storm/blade.I think leaf storm on Ludicolo not leaf blade(the higher the level,the more power).Leaf storm/blade on whiscash and finally leaf storm on Gyrados not leaf blade.

Grovyle learns leaf blade not sceptile. Grovyle learns it at lv 29.

Servine can not learn Razor leaf, it instead learns Leaf blade and Leaf tornado.

A compound leaf is the type of leaf in which the blade is divided into leaflets.

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