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The ovule is the part of the plant that holds\contains the female reproductive cells.

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How many ovules are in a plant?

The ovules in a plant contain the female reproductive cells. The number of ovules that are in a plant varies, according to the species.

What is the ovules in a plant?

In Angiosperms the ovules are contained in the ovaries of the plant which are contained in the flowers.

What part of the plant houses the ovules?

You can find the ovules in the ovary, which is situated in the flowering organ of the plant

What plant part houses the ovules?

ovules are present in the ovary of the plant gynoceium and are placed at the placenta.

Are pollen and ovules gametes?

Yes, It is. The pollen is the male gametes of a plant a the ovules is the female gametes of a plant.

What do the ovaries and the ovules became after fertilisation?

The ovary will become the fruit of the plant while the ovules will become the seeds of the plant.

Are ovaries full of ovules?

It depends from plant to plant. For example watermelon and cucurbita ovaries are full of ovules where as those of apple, mango and plums have very few ovules.

What is the function of ovules in flowers?

A ovule is a small structure in a seed plant that contains the embryo sac and develops into a seed after fertilization.

Where are the ovules stored in the flower?

The ovules of a plant are stored inside the ovary until they are fertilised.

What will happen if the ovules were removed?

If the ovules are removed from a flower, the plant cannot bear a fruit.

What are ovules?

Baby seeds from the plant.

Where do seeds develop in a plant?

The Ovules in the female part of the plant.

What part of the plant contains the ovules and becomes the fruit?

The ovary is the container for the ovules, and it becomes the fruit.Specifically, the ovary is the source of the ovules. The ovules turn into seeds. The ovary will become the plant's fruit.

Why is it important for pistels in plant reproduction?

Beacuse pistils have ovules, and ovules form the seeds as a result of sexual reproduction.

Egg are made by what in a plant?

The eggs are made by the ovules.

What does a pistil do in a plant?

It supports the developing ovules inside it.

What is the function of the ovary in the flower?

In the flowering plants, an ovary is a part of the female reproductive organ of the flower. The ovary of a plant is the producer of ovules which later develops into a seed.

What do ovules turn into?

An ovule is like the ovary of a plant. It ultimately becomes the fruit of the plant.

What is created when pollen joins together with ovules?

When pollen joins together with ovules, they create a seed. The seed is what will develop into fruits in the plant.

What part of a plant forms seeds?

The ovules develop the seeds, while the ovary develop the fruit. As the ovules are inside the ovary thus the ovules form the seed whilst the ovar form the fruit.

Where in a aloe vera plant are the seed?

The seeds of the aloe vera plant are obtained from its mature ovules.

What is the function of ovary in flowers?

it contains the ovules waiting to be fertilized by pollen

Function of the Carpel?

The carpel is part of the female part of a flower. Its main function is to be a layer of protection for the ovules.

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