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Q: What is the function of the toner hopper?
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What is the composition of laser toner?

laser toner consist of : developer drum - where the powder toner gets cooked magnetic roller - where the powder toner gets charged then sticks and gets applied to drum pcr - this is a roller right below the drum this is to secure the paper into the drum toner hopper - where powder toner is stored and here is where magnetic roller pulls toner waste toner hopper - where CHARGED powder toners goes

What is good about Toner Cartridges?

The value of a toner cartridge is that the user never needs to have direct contact with the loose toner. Before toner cartridges were developed, it was necessary to pour toner from a bottle into a hopper. Since toner is a light, small particle, this was a messy job.

What is the function of the fuser in a laser printer?

it fuses the toner to the paper

Is the function of the laser in a laser printer?

it fuses the toner to the paper

Is discount toner as reliable as normal toner?

A discount toner is NOT as reliable as a normal toner, it comes from experience as I have used both before, discount toners tend to spring up errors with function and are more prone to malfunction.

What is a drum in a laser printer?

The Photoelectric Drum. It is used to carry the toner from the hopper to the paper.Check "Electro-photographic Process" or "EP Process" for more information.

What are two basic composition of laser toner and give their function?

Iron Oxide

What is the difference between high-yield and normal toner cartridge?

High-yield toner cartridges have more toner in them than normal toner cartridges. A high-yield toner cartridge can reduce the cost of toner per page by half. Much of the cost of toner cartridges is related to the housing not the toner itself.

What did hydro hopper use to be called?

hopper hopper

What is the birth name of Bessie Toner?

Bessie Toner's birth name is Elizabeth Toner.

What is a type of small penguin that starts with rock?

hopper hopper

How do you reset a Xerox Workcentre 3119 toner chip?

You can reset the toner chip by removing the toner cartridge. Keep the toner cartridge out for 10 seconds. Put the toner cartridge back into its place.

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