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Sorry, according to the official website there is not a code for that.

However, if you search with Google you will find a custom code for it.


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The GameShark code for unlimited Master Balls in Pokemon Fire Red is 82003884 0001.


Hi. (M) 928817f0298a 50f818720d07 8ab185c4502e Shiny 5ddf4406391d 838eed7c52c0 718812fe9ded (Why dose all codes have DED in them?!?) 68755a0bcc17 88bbc0a65c0f a90cf2eb8d85 ea0446c4e6e3 Hope this helpd.:)

The Gameshark code to contract PKRS on Pokemon fire red ROM can be obtained once you purchase a premium account.

There isn't, but there is in Pokemon fire red Add

The gameshark code is 509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4. You do not need a master code

For this, and any other GameShark code, you should make a request at . There are also a few cheats on the page below:

heres the code:16f74220d33d 83da230fda27 1fda24a1906a

You have to use either a codebreaker, gameshark, or action replay cheat code.

It's a hacked version maybe you can use the cheats from Pokemon fire red/leaf green

Search using Google gameshark codes for Pokemon fire red/ruby

there probably isn't one since darkrai came out after firered was made.

Trade a Haunter from either Fire Red or Leaf Green, or use a GameShark/Action Replay code.

Capture a vulpix and use fire stone. If you cant get one, use a gameshark code

For I know there is no code for it.

You can't; you can only get them in Pokemon ruby/sapphire and emerald. You'll need a gameshark code to get it in Pokemon fire red.

you can only get one on Pokemon fire red normally but if u have a ar or gameshark you can find a code to get hundreds or millions codes are awsome :}

the only way to do it is have caught all the Pokemon then use gameshark code(wg6k86n9,bkjd89ge,efbvhgt5,hgo99645) and walla!

You can find gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red at the NeoSeeker website. Once on the page, type "Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark Codes" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the codes.

There is a masterball code somewhere, but I don't know how to find it. The last perosn who posted here was a f@g.

The code to get to birth island is...82031DBC3802. Just enter/leave a room or building etc. and you should be there.(It worked for me I tried it)

You can find the gameshark codes for Pokemon Fire Red the European version by following the website:

You may only use gameshark for Pokemon firered codes! Buy the gameshark from gamestop. There are gameshark codes on youtube and supercheats.

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