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What is the gangster disciple lick?

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The Gangster Disciples are a gang under the Folk Nation so their ''lick'' or lit is the lit of the Folk Nation.

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What it the gangster disciple lick?

U have to be a member of the Gangster Disciples Nation do discuss any lit.

What is the role of a gangster disciple queen?

A Gangster Disciple Queen is a female Gangster Disciple her role is just as important as the male Gangster Disciples.

Where can you find the gangster disciple book of knowledge?

To get full Gangster Disciple knowledge u gotta join the Gangster Disciple Nation but when u get the full knowledge it can NOT be told to anyone outside of the Gangster Disciple Nation.

How gangster is too gangster?

A Gangster Disciple is too Gangster.

Is the rapper pyrexx in a gang?

He is a Folk (Gangster Disciple)

What is does the gang Gd mean?

Gangster Disciple or Black Gangster Disciple. They are part of Folk Nation.

Who was gangster disciple 3 kings?

This info can not be discussed with people outside of the Gangster Disciple Nation.

Is Lil Scrappy a Gangster Disciple?

Yes, Lil Scrappy is a member of the Gangster Disciple Nation.

What rapper is a Gangster Disciple?


What rapper is from gangster disciple?

Lil Scrappy

Who is the gangster disciple queen?

His s.o.s

How do you become inactive with gangster disciple?

You leave the gang

Is waka flocka flame a gangster disciple?

From what I heard Waka Flocka is an Elm Street Piru with ties to the real one's in Compton, Cali......He's NOT a Gangster Disciple...........

Is Jeezy a Gangster Disciple or Crip?

Jeezy is a member of the Crips.

What are the gangster disciple 3 Ls?

Love, Life & Loyalty

What gang is young jeezy on?

Young Jeezy is a Gangster Disciple (GD).

Is yung berg blood?

Yung Berg is a Gangster Disciple NOT a Blood

What is the Black Gangster Disciple Knownlegde?

how did Larry hoover die

What is the gangster disciple code?

Join the Gangster Disciples then u'll find out...but when u do don't speak it outside of the Folk Nation

What gang is lil boosie and webbie in?

Gangster Disciple ya heard me we deep in here georgia-louisiana connect Yes he is a Gangster disciple he is a part of the FOLK NATION (7-4 till the world blow)

What do you have to do to be come a gangster disciple queen?

Say if ur boyfriend or husband is a Gangster Disciple, then that would make u his D(Disciple) Queen. Other than that u gotta put in work and earn it to become a D Queen.

What do they do at a gangster disciple initiation?

You in the middle of 6 men beating you down for 6 minutes.

Wonder if you are the only gangster disciple?

Ur question doesn't really make sense

What is words to disrespect a gangster disciple?

Dont ever diss a G. You violate, we demonstrate

Do gangster disciples eat pork?

Being a Gangster Disciple has nothing to do with eating pork and not eating pork, that's a decision u choose to make.....