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You would care for a yellow bellied slider the same way that you would care for a red eared slider. Feed them at least once a day. Clean their tank often. Provide a heater in the winter. Just look at how you would care for a turtle. The breed yellow bellied sliders does not need any special care.

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Q: What is the general care for yellow bellied slider turtles?
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What do yellow bellied slider turtles eat?

crickets and mealworms

What do yellow-bellied slider turtles eat?

crickets and mealworms

Can yellow bellied slider eat fish?

Yes, yellow belly slider turtles can eat fish!

Does that sliders turtles have red on its head?

The red eared slider does, but the yellow bellied slider does not.

Which is rarer a yellow bellied slider or a red ear slider?

yellow bellied slider

Will 3 yellow bellied slider turtles survive a night in a bucket?

Probably not turtles are very independent

Can yellow bellied slider turtles and African clawes frogs share the same aquarium?

No. I just buried my African Clawed Frog due to yellow bellied turtles attacking him.

How can you tell the sex of a yellow bellied slider turtle?

ive heard it depends on how long their claws are? does that include for baby slider turtles as well?

What does a hatchling yellow bellied slider eat in the wiled?

yellow bellied turtles eat fish food pellets ocean shrimp ,freeze dried river shrimp and krill.

Can a baby yellow bellied slider live with a adult yellow bellied slider?

I don't see why not. Although the babies of these common southeastern turtles are mostly meat eaters of insects and such as long as they have enough room to roam they should be ok.

Are res slider turtles legal?

Yes they are. I have one and my cusins have 2. yellow bellied sliders are legal too

Can red-eared sliders mate with yellow-bellied slider turtles?

Yes, red eared sliders and yellow bellied sliders are both subspecies of "pond slider", in the wild where their range overlaps they mate quite often producing what are called "intergrades". The particular intergrade between a yellow bellied slider and a red eared slider often has features of both, large yellow markings on the head with a red corner.

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