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What is the general journal entry to record 401k?

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To record payroll for month end:

D R Payroll Expenses

CR Cash

CR 401 Payable

To pay 401k plan

DR 410k Payable

CR cash

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Is money from 401k considered income for the year?

Withdrawals from 401k accounts are added to your general income for that tax year.

Are there penalties if I rollover a 401K?

In general there are no penalties from rolling over an old 401k into a new 401k plan. The process is relatively easy and takes between 2 and 5 weeks.

How much can you put in your 401k plain ?

The general rule of thumb is that you can't put more money into your 401k than the total income that your company pays you.

My 401k administrator is saying I am not eligible for a 401K rollover of any kind because I am not leaving the company. Can a 401k be rolled over into an IRA or a roth IRA without a job change?

As a general rule of thumb, you cannot rollover your 401k to another account while you are still with the company. You could cash the 401k account out, but in doing so you could be facing taxes and penalties of over 40%. For more information on 401k rollovers, please visit at the links below.

What is the average company match on 401k accounts?

The average company match on 401k accounts is 80%. You can read more about this match or general policies at

Which is the best 401k plan at Safeway?

Try this website:

What are the 401k's maximun contributions?

Maximum 401k contribution over 50 includes both the general contribution limit and the catch-up contribution, which has increased for . Maximum 401k contribution over 50 includes both the general contribution limit and the catch-up contribution, which has increased for .

What's the difference between a 401k and a Roth 401k?

The 401k is not taxed but the Roth 401k will be best in the long run as the money you get out wont be taxed then.

What is 401k Limits for contribution in 401k?


How can I rollover my 401k?

You can rollover your 401k by applying for or opening a new 401k through your new employer. You don't have to do it though. Withdrawing from your 401k will result in penalties.

Is a 401K the same as an IRA?

A 401k and a IRA are different. A 401k is a employer sponsored plan while a IRA is not.

Can you lose a 401k?

Yes, You can lose Money in a 401k

What is the difference in a Roth 401K and a regular 401K?

The difference in a Roth 401K and a regular 401K retirement is perhaps the benefits that they bring out. They might also have different rates and requirements.

Can I make withdrawals on my 401k from Super Value?

You can make a withdrawals with your 401K however you will have to be aware of the fees that are charged from the 401K.

How can you find your 401k without any information?

i lost track of my 401k in 1997 and dont know the company that had the 401k plan

What happens to your 401K when you leave your employer?

You own your 401k so when you leave your employer you still own your 401k. You can either leave it where it is or you can move it to which ever company manages the 401k investments for your new employer. how do i git access to my 401k from this company so i can transfer or cash it in.

Is fidelity 401k the only 401k out there?

Fidelty 401k is not the only one out there. Your local bank would be happy to set up a 401k for you, as well as the investment companies such as Charles Schwab and Scott Trade.

What are some benefits of a 401K retirement plan?

The benefits of a 401k retirement plan are that you pay pretax money to your account. You get special tax breaks for a 401k, and some employers will match what you put in 401k.

What factors determine 401k interest rates?

What is in the 401k account will determine what type of return you will get on it. How well the stocks, bond, mutual fund and other securities in the 401k is doing will determine the return in the 401k

How do you get a 401k?

A 401k Plan generally is offered to employees by their employer. If you are self-employed, you may start a 401k or other retirement plan.

How do I start a 401K account?

Most employers offer a 401K plan but you can also research banks that offer a good 401k plan.

Can you close your 401k?

can you close out your 401k and still receive unemployment benefits

Is your spouse entitled to your 401k after the divorce?

They are entitled to half of your 401k assets.

Is retention bonus eligible for 401K?

Retention bonuses are not 401K Elegible.

Can you roll a previous employer's 401K into a new employers 401K?

Yes. You can roll a previous employer's 401k balance into a new employer's 401k. You can also roll a previous employer's 401k balance into an individual retirement account (IRA) if you wish to maintain control over the investments.