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What are Phloem cells?

Phloem cells are living vascular cells that carries sugar and organic substances throughout a plant.

Why is phloem useful to a plant?

tissues in plants that conduct foods made in the leaves to all other parts of the plant. Phloem is composed of various specialized cells called sieve tubes, companion cells, phloem fibers, and phloem parenchyma cells.

Which cells in a plant can translocate dissolved sugars?


What cells in a plant transport the food?

xylem & phloem

Why are the phloem cells alive?

Because phloem cells are responsible to transport prepared food material in different plant parts judiciously.

What is plant tissue that transports glucose?

Phloem cells transport glucose in a plant

How is a phloem cell specialised?

Phloem is the type of cell that delivers nutrients throughout a plant. Inside phloem cells are specialized cells called sieves that help transport these nutrients.

Carry food and water to the plant cells?

Phloem and xylem.

What will happen if a plant without functional phloem cells?


What cells are present in plant stems?

xylem, phloem,etc..

What are the 2 general structures and the 2 transport structures of a vascular plant?


The gritty stone cells of pears the hard cells of seed coats and plant fibers are examples of xylem collenchyma phloem sclerenchyma?

phloem sclerenchyma

How is the phloem in a leaf related to the roots of the plant?

B. Sugar made in the leaf is carried to the roots by cells in the phloem.

What cells are DNA in?

Most cells in a plant, but not all. Xylem and phloem cells do not contain DNA (xylem because it is dead at maturity, phloem because the nucleus is gone at maturity)

Which has thick cells that help to support the plant phloem or xylem?


Which structures transport food downward in a geranium plant?

phloem cells

Differentiated plant cells and tissues include?

parenchyma phloem xylem

Describe how all the cells in a vascular plant get sugar?

Through the phloem

What are dead xylem and phloem cells of a woody plant called?


How is sugar transported throughout the plant?

Sugar is transported in the soluble formthrough out the plant by phloem cells

Does phloem carry substances upwards or downwards in a plant?

In general downwards

Which plant cells do not contain any chloroplasts?

phloem. while xylem cells have no chloroplasts either they are dead cells.

It is in plant cells and not human cells it provides support and it separates and sorrounds the plant cell?

Cellulose in living plant cells and Lignified cellulose in non-living plant cells (As in heartwood and outer bark)Phloem

What tissue in plants is made of specialized cells that transports nutrients from the leaves to other areas of the plant?

Phloem is made of sieve tubes, companion cells and phloem parenchyma. These are specialized cells to transport nutrients from leaves to other area of the plant.

What would happen to a plant without functional phloem cells?

The plant would definitely die if it's phloem cells were not functioning properly. This is because it would not be able to transfer the products of photosynthesis down the stem.