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== == Vietnam is located in the southeastern extremity of the Indochinese peninsula and occupies about 331,688 square kilometers, of which about 25 % was under cultivation in 1987. It borders the Gulf of Thailand, Gulf of Tonkin, and South China Sea, alongside China, Laos, and Cambodia. The S-shaped country has a north-to-south distance of 1,650 kilometers and is about 50 kilometers wide at the narrowest point. With a coastline of 3,260 kilometers, excluding islands, Vietnam claims 12 nautical miles as the limit of its territorial waters, an additional 12 nautical miles as a contiguous customs and security zone, and 200 nautical miles as an exclusive economic zone.

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Q: What is the geography of Vietnam?
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How did geography affect history during Vietnam?

== ==

How did the geography of Vietnam benefit the people in Vietnam?

They knew the land And used it to their advantage with the mix of guerrilla war fare the united states had no chance.

What was one way the geography of Vietnam affected the outcome of the Vietnam War?

The answer is like, so easy, people who don't know this would be very stupid.

Why was the geography of Vietnam an issue for American soldiers in Vietnam?

Geography is always part of the formula for war. It used to be called METT (Mission, Enemy, Time, and Terrain with terrain being the Geograpy portion). Therefore Vietnam was no different than any other war in regards to geography. If anything "geography" was no longer an issue...the helicopter took care of that. For the first time in man's history, he could now do battle anywhere anytime all the time! Thanks to the mobility of the chopper.

What is the geography of North Vietnam compared to South Vietnam?

Only a US Airman can answer that question; they flew over it while fighting their air war; the rest of the US servicemen fought in SOUTH Vietnam. not true, people live there

What countries in Indochina are dominated by communism?

China, Laos and Vietnam. You're welcome in advance for my expertise in geography. =P =)

Geography of qin dynasty?

most of china including some of Korea and Vietnam it was bigger than china now days

What was the land like during the Vietnam War?

The geography varied depending on where you were. The Mekong Delta was quite different from the area around the DMZ.

What are some similarities between Vietnam and the US?

Vietnam is on the coast; the US has a coast. Other than that, Vietnam is located directly due west of Central America, well below the US boundary. Vietnam has some of the heat and humidity of the state of Louisiana and the geography of California (mountains, marshlands, rivers, deltas, etc.).

How did Vietnam's geography and landscape create disadvantages of us forces?

If it had been an island or peninsula it could've been isolated (isolated from re-supply).

What effect did the geography of Vietnam have on the Vietnam war?

In terms of the jungle, it made the Vietnamese (north Vietnam) very hard to find and kill (from the USA's perspective). This was one of the reasons for the Vietnamese or 'Vietcong' winning the war - along with their incredible resilience and determination towards the future of Vietnam. In terms of effects on the war; it was one of the factors for USA losing.

What is an example of geopolitics?

Geopolitics is the investigation of the impact of human and physical geography on international politics and relations. The most popular example of geopolitics is the Vietnam war.

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