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What is the gerund phrase in Singing in the rain can get your shoes wet?


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The gerund phrase is "singing in the rain", which is the subject of the sentence.


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The noun phrase in the sentence is "singing in the rain", which is the subject of the sentence.

"Singing" is the gerund because it is being used as a noun. The sentence is not talking about a certain person who is singing in the ran, but the act of singing in the rain. Furthermore, the verb in the sentence is "can", and the subject always comes before the verb, so "singing" is the subject. Verbs, when they are used as subjects, are gerunds.

"Singing In The Rain" is a BroadWay musical.

Gene Kelly sings: I'm Singing in the Rain, in the 1952 movie: Singing in the Rain.

Singing in the Rain was released in 1952.

Singing in the rain is what the movie was called SMART ONE!

it was from a movie called singing in the rain, it was sung by Gene Kelly

"Singing in the rain," "Rain Man," and "Purple Rain," are a few.

Walking is the present participle of walk. It can be used as a verb to create the progressive tense, as a gerund (verbal noun), and as an adjective.Verb: I was walking home when the rain came.Gerund: Walking is good exercise.Adjective: I can't find my walking shoes.

That famous movie is called 'Singin' in the rain'. It was released in 1952

They only one i know is singing in the rain

It means singing in the rain.

In the rain is a prepositional phrase

singing in the rain u can sing in the rain

YouTube. Put: singing in the rain into the search engine of Youtube. You should find several results.

the director of singing in the rain is Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen

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The song "Singing in the Rain" was first recorded by Ciara Joan Brown in 1927. Many other artists have been singing the song since, including Gene Kelly and John Martyn.

(I'm) singing: je chantesinging (partciple) : chantant(e)you say: chanterSinging in the rain: Chanter sous la pluie.

In the original movie "Singing in the Rain" in 1952, Gene Kelly sang the title song. His character is the lead male role, Don Lockwood.

Singin' In the Rain had two directors. They were Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly.

Singin' in the Rain is a 1952 American musical comedy film.

There's a song by the Cult called "Rain." It goes, "I love the rain/Here she comes again/Here comes the rain." Is that it?

yes just go to and search for singing in the rain i think and you can probably find it in

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