What is the god Jupiter's symbol?

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The lightning bolt and the eagle.
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What is Jupiter's symbol?

If your web browser can draw it, the symbol is: ♃ It looks like a 2 with a long bottom line, and a line going down perpendicular to the long bottom line. See related link

What is the symbol for the greek God Artemis?

The symbol for the Greek goddess Artemis is the bow and pike.Artemis was the daughter of Zeus. She was the Greek goddess of thehunt, the moon and protector of pregnant women, and the young.

What is the symbol of God?

In most pictorial references God is symbolized by the all seeing eye, usually high in the sky with rays of light emanating from it. Another symbol for God is the dove. Also the Hebrew Tetragrammaton for YHWH can also be a symbol for God.

What roman god symbolizes the sea?

Neptune, who created horses and horses were also his sacred animal as they were to Poseidon, and honestly, who wouldn't know this answer? It is so obvious.

What god symbolizes strength?

There are two gods in mythology that symbolize strength. Herculesis the Roman god of strength and Kratos is the Greek god ofstrength.

What is the symbol of the God of War and why?

Symbolism will vary from culture to culture. The Greek god of war, Ares , was represented mainly by a spear, but also by vultures and dogs. This was due to spears being heavily used in warfare in the Greek culture. Dogs were also commonly used. The vultures were there for the clean-up. The Ro ( Full Answer )

What is the Greek god Hades' symbol?

ive found that the sceptra and the cornucopia are symbols for him which is odd cuz the cornucopia is like a thanks giving thing. His symbols were a helmet made of dogskin (called the Helmet of Darkness, that made the wearer invisible), and his 3 headed doggy Cerberus. In Roman times He is also asso ( Full Answer )

What is the greek god Prometheus symbol?

Apparently from what I've heard it is a flaming torch representing the fire he took from the gods and gave to the people. The fire represents power which Prometheus gave to the people for some reason. I can't find a specific symbol but if u search a flaming torch that could work fine i guess.

Is Jupiter's symbol a number 4?

The astrological symbol for Jupiter is more like a 2 morphing into a 4. If that's the symbol you're thinking of then you're right.

What is the planet Jupiter's symbol?

The astronomical symbol for planet Jupiter is ♃ . See the link under "Sources and related links" below for a larger version. It is supposed to be a representation of the mythical god Jupiter/Zeus's lightning bolt. It looks a little like a stylized number 4, or like a 2 with a vertical ( Full Answer )

Is Jupiter's god Zeus?

No. The planet Jupiter is named after the Roman god Jupiter. Zeus is merely Jupiter's Greek name (they are one and the same god). As king of the gods, there can be no god above him.

What is Jupiter's scientific symbol?

The symbol itself will not print here, but you can see one at. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter. (It's just above the picture of the planet)

What is the symbol for the god Vishnu?

Vishnu has four symbols. They are, 1. Chakra - wheel 2. Shankha - conch 3. Kamala - lotus 4. Gadha - mace. Of the four Chakra and Shankha are unique to Vishnu and his incarnations. 1. The Chakra symbolizes frequency modulation or machine gun like firing that are necessary to block compulsions ( Full Answer )

What are the olympian gods and goddesses symbols?

i belive that the symbols of the Olympians go as so? Aphrodite | sceptre, myrtle, dove Apollo | bow, lyre, laurel Ares | spear Artemis | bow, deer Athena | aegis , owl, olive tree Demeter | sceptre, torch, corn Dionysos | grape vine, ivy, thyrsos Hephais ( Full Answer )

What are the Greek gods' symbols of power?

aphrodite-dove-swan-goose-hare-sparrow-rose-apple-myrtle wreath-scallop shell apollo-mouse-raven-crow-dolphin-swan-wolf-sun-lyre artemis-deer-female bear-boar-guinea fowl-quail-spears-bow and arrow-crescent moon athena-owl-crow-shield-armor-olive tree dionysus-panther-dolphin-goat-leopard-lynx-snake ( Full Answer )

Symbols for Greek gods and goddesses?

Here are some, but not all Aphrodite- rose, dove, sparrow, dolphin, ram, apple, and myrtle Apollo- laurel tree, lyre, 7 Ares- dog, vulture, spear, flaming torch Artemis- cypress tree, dog, deer, bird Athena- owl and olive tree Demeter- torch, sheaf of wheat or barley Dionysus- grape vine, ivy wr ( Full Answer )

What symbol or symbols god rama?

God Rama - He is always seen together with Seeta (wife) Lakshmana(brother) and Hanumaan a devotee, in any temple or place ofworship. Rama's name is associated with Nyaya (justice), Dharma(Duty, Law, virtue, conduct) ,good kingship.

What is the god shiva's symbol?

Linga (phallus) is the main symbol of Shiva. Other symbols of Shiva are Half-moon, Lotus flower, Trishul (trident) , Damaru (Drum) , Rudrakha (Seeds of Utrasum bead tree) , Patre (begging bowl)

Why can Jesus be called a symbol of God?

Jesus is God's son, and he is also one with God. He knew he would be going to earth to live and die as a human before anything was ever thought about that happened in Genesis, or people or bacteria. Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are the trinity and so they are their own symbol.

What is the symbol for the Egyptian god set?

A jackal-like animal. Also called "the Set animal". A black pig or hippopotamus, sometimes a crocodile. He as a human often had red hair and eyes, or wearing a red mantle, red was believed to be a evil color (red is the color of blood). .

What was greek god a atalas symbol?

Atlas was a Titan what was punished into carrying the whole sky above earth. The word atlas now means map, or earth, which he helped exist.

What does the gods covenant with Noah symbolize?

Gods covenant with Noah was that he would never ever destroy the whole world with a flood for 40 days and 40 nights, andG od placed the rainbow in the sky as a promise.

What is Jupiter's name of god?

Not sure what you are asking here, but this is the basics: The Greeks called the "God of all the Gods" Zeus, the Romans called him Jupiter. The name was used for the planet, because it is the biggest one in our solar system.

What are all of the symbols of the greek gods?

Zeus: Thunderbolt, eagle Hera: Peacock, cow, city of Argos Poseidon: Horse, trident Apollo: Lyre Artemis: Deer, Bow and arrow Hermes: Caduceus, winged helmet and shoes Hephestus: Hammer, anvil Aphrodite: Dove, girdle Athena: Owl, Olive tree, city of Athens Dionysus: Grapevine, leop ( Full Answer )

What is the symbol of the Greek god Ascelpius?

The symbol of Asclepius is the Rod of Asclepius. It is a snake wrapped around a rod. This is associated today with the medical fields. They are usually on ambulances.

What is the Greek God Phobos's symbol?

Not all of the gods has symbols the way we think. Phobos was a personification more than an actual god. There are no myths with Phobos, and no temples dedicated to him.

What is greek god eros symbols?

Eros is a minor god of love. Aphrodite is the real greek god of love, but eros is actually roman.

What is Ares the god of and what is his symbols?

Ares is the Greek God of War. There are many different symbols used for him but they are mostly variations of the circle with an arrow through it pointing North East.

What is the egyptian god shay's symbol?

Shai (Shay, Schai, Schay) was the ancient Egyptian god of fate and destiny. Shait was his female name/counterpart; he was depicted as a man, a cobra or snake and even as a human-headed birth brick, and most often shown in funeral papyri near his female partners. Meskhenet, goddess of the birth ( Full Answer )

Where is God symbolized as light in the bible?

The Gospel of John 1:1 -5, " In the beginning was the Word (Jesus) and the Word (Jesus) was with God, and the Word (Jesus) was God . He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men ( Full Answer )

Where is god symbolized by fire?

In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible in the book of Exodus, chapter 3 verse 22, God is described as appearing in the form of a burning bush.

What is the symbols of ares god of war?

The symbol for Mars (also known as Ares), God of War, is a circlewith an arrow emerging from it pointing upper right. It is the samesymbol used to symbolise the male sex.♂