What is the going rate in California for dog boarding insurance?

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There is no way to do this, rating is dependent on too many factors contact an agent or agents and request quotes.
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If your car is vandalized will your insurance rates go up?

Answer . Depending on your company a comp claim will count as a claim and your rates will probably go up at renewal. dont forget the deductable. Unless it is alot of money to fix I would not make a claim. It is possible that will happen, yes; if the damage is not too expensive, it might be bett ( Full Answer )

Will your insurance rates go up for hitting an animal?

Answer . If you make a claim and have comprehensive coverage then you insurance rate may increase slightly. All insurance companies are different, but they are all based on the same system, level of risk to insure and probability of making a claim. By hitting the deer you have increased both t ( Full Answer )

Will my insurance rates go up after a total loss?

Answer . It depends on who is at-fault for the accident. Your rate doesn't rise based on how much money was spent towards repairing your vehicle, it rises based on your driving/accident history. If you were in an accident and deemed not at-fault, supposedly your rate will not go up. However, I'v ( Full Answer )

How much do auto insurance rates go up after an accident?

You will need to contact the policy services dept. of your insurance company or your agent for this information. Answer You will need to contact your agent or policy services dept for you insurance company for this answer. i totally agree

How much do insurance rate go up after an accident?

There are many things that insurance company takes in toconsideration when raising your rate. They will look at how longyou have had insurance, the amount of the claims, if you were atfault or not, as well as other factors. Only they will be able totell you.

In California how much do insurance rate go up after an accident?

There are many things that insurance company takes in toconsideration when raising your rate. They will look at how longyou have had insurance, the amount of the claims, if you were atfault or not, as well as other factors. Only they will be able totell you.

How to Compare Auto Insurance Rates in California without having to give your email address or having a hundred different Insurance company's emailing you?

You act like this is a bad thing...okay, maybe it is a bit annoying. However, do not believe for a moment you can do your own insurance. Insurance agents have to be tested for quite a bit of knowledge in order to sell the policies. You should do some research on your state's Department of Insurance ( Full Answer )

What is the going rate for dog walkers?

depends... i pay my neighbors 14 year old son $15 a week to walk my 2 dogs once per day, 3 days a week. He lives across the street. If someone has to drive to your house, its common to cost as much as $20 per walk. . well i thik wat that person said has nothing to do with the question but i think ( Full Answer )

What causes insurance rates to go up?

How long you have been driving, any accidents. What kind of vehical, cost for replacement parts and what kind of insurance policy you want.

What is dog 'Boarding'?

Its putting a dog in a kennel and they watch and take care of the dog for you while you are away on vacation. They take care of all its needs by feeding the dog and playing with the dog. In addition, they clean their inside runs and outside runs (if the kennel has them).

Will insurance rates go up if no claims were reported?

Insurance rates are not determined by an individual's claimsratios, as the few who have claims could never afford theirpremiums if that were the case. They are figured over thousands ofclients. This is how insurance of every kind works. By use of thelaw of large numbers, the risk of loss can be figu ( Full Answer )

What do dogs do when they are board?

if you have a active dog, he/she will most likely jump around and bark and want to play. if you have a lazy dog (like mine) he/she will sleep until you wake him/her up and do something with him/her

Will my insurance rate go up for a vandalism claim?

Rates shouldn't be increased for anything that is your fault. If this happens quite a bit it can, it shows your increased exposure and companies will try to get some of that money back or get off the risk.

What are the going rates of family medical insurance?

Family medical health insurance has a wide range of rates for depending upon the number of dependents, the age of the members of the family, as well as their health history. However for the typical family of four with that has no tobacco or alcohol use the rates range from $450 -$800.

Where does one go to get professional help with home insurance rates?

"The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has a website where you can find insurers that operate in your state, get information on average rates, and see which companies have the fewest complaints. Followup with individual companies to see which will offer you the best deal."

How do you insure a dog?

the best way for a pet is to ensure your pet.whenever you ensure your pet everything gets cheaper for you can reduce paying thousands of pounds for the vet bills and sure those savings are being used the way you originally intended them tooo

Will your homeowners insurance go up if you have a dog?

Most homeowners policies do not increase the rates due to possession of a dog. Every application for homeowners insurance does ask if you have certain dangerous breeds of dogs, exotic pets, or a dog who has a bite history. If you do have one of these breeds, an exotic pet, or one with a bite history ( Full Answer )

Where could one go to find rates for landlords insurance?

Allstate, Farmer's, Nationwide, and State Farm are all companies that offer Landlord's Insurance to those who are renting out a home. To compare rates one could either go to the website of each company or call each company to receive quotes. An easier method, however, may be to check them all out in ( Full Answer )

Where can a person go to find comparisons on liability insurance rates?

The major auto insurers will offer a comparison service for liability insurance for you upon request. Progressive, Nationwide, All State and State Farm are four major companies who will compile this information for you upon request. This may be done via their websites, over the phone, or in person a ( Full Answer )

Will your insurance rates go up if you ran into a dumpster?

There is no question of your insurance rate being increasedin case you ran into a dumpster. However, if it is of seriousnature and need prolonged medication, it is wiser to inform thehealth insurance service provider and it is upto their discretionto keep rate intact or go for enhancement.

Do car insurance rates go up by age?

They will be a bit high if say you just got your license in highschool. But, if all things being equal, they should go down with age (upuntil you get into the higher age group, 70+ would be my guess, iswhen it probably starts going back up). Age is just one determining factor. Your driving record is ( Full Answer )