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The gold ring on a Bakugan gate card is called the highlighted attribute. If you have a White Naga, he has no attribute. So, he takes the highlighted attribute. However, he does not keep the attribute, he simply just gets the gate bonus. If it's an ability card, you choose the attribute. You can find White Naga on Hope this helps.

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Q: What is the gold ring on Bakugan card?
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What is the best Bakugan and Bakugan card combo?

omega leonidas and gold omega leonidas card with omega booster

In Bakugan do you have to have the Bakugan high lighted on the card?


Do Bakugan on the charachter card double if not that Bakugan?


When is a Bakugan rare?

A bakugan is rare when it has the titanium (silver) ring around it.

Is there gold Bakugan?

yes i have one there very limited and worth about 160$ per gold bakugan

What is the card in the bakugan DVD?


Is there a gold Bakugan?

Yes, there is a gold bakugan. they've recently released them in B2 form in bakutins, they are extremely hard to find. In the original sized bakugan there is a gold fear ripper.

How do you get a gold Bakugan?

paint it

What card in Bakugan can you get to keep your oppenents Bakugan?

there is none the closest to that is a doom card which the opponent can't use that certain bakugan any more but the opponent can still keep that certain bakugan

What does Bakugan Trap do?

A bakugan trap is designed with differant shapes. A bakugan trap can only be played after the gate card has been opened,place the bakugan on the gate card *NOTE* the trap must be the same attribute as your bakugan(s) on the gate card. You may change the bakugan attribute to one of the attribute symbols on the trap.

What is the weakist Bakugan?

Basically there is no weak bakugan. With the gate card and ability card boosts there is no way a bakugan can be weak. ---- The lowest G power is 250 gs

Bakugan Doom Card Effect Real?

Doom Card effect- play at the start of a battle. The losing player's bakugan is removed from the game. Your Bakugan gains G-power based on it attributes. You do not keep the persons bakugan or anything.(I have the card) Yeah but you can't revive your Bakugan if it is removed so it's a pretty great card!

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