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The Good Guy is the protagonist

The Bad Guy is the Antagonist

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The main character of a story is often referred to as the protagonist. The are usually the "good guy".

its like the bad guy in the story. the protagonist is the good guy

if you're talking about the main character, that's the protagonist. also called he hero or heroine.

it is a good guy, a bad guy is called a antagonist

the good guy in a story

I feel that it is good to be anyone in the story as long as you have strong lines that are important. This is coming from both sides of the question; good and bad!

it depends which way you look at it. He is the "bad" guy to the opposing side, but from the audience, he is probably the good guy. long story short: he's the good guy!

the protagonist is the "good guy" in the story. the "bad guy" is the villain in the story. In other words, The protagonist Helps the plot.

Who's Tom? I am madly in love a guy called Tom! He is definitely a Good Guy!

In the beginning of the story and he was never a good guy

David is the protagonist. He is the "good guy".

a person who does a good deed is called a goodsmariton. like the story in the gospel

Yes, he was a good guy in the story. He needed a heart.

a proagonist is the character in the story that is trying to be a hero. in other words, the "good' guy

The protagonist is the good guy in a story or event

Er ... what exactly do you mean by "a condition"? I wrote a really good short story about a deaf guy and his lover ...

they are called antagonist and the good people are called protagonist!!!

There is a character in the story called "Injun Joe," and yes, he is a "bad guy".

'The Necklace' was written by Guy de Maupassant?

The name of the singer who sang "The NeverEnding Story" was a guy named Limahl who was also the lead singer of a band in the 80's called Kajagoogoo.

The main or lead character (or hero / heroine) in a story or event.It is the good guy in the story, who may be opposed by an antagonist (bad guy).A protagonist is the character in which the story surounds. Otherwise, the main character.He is the:-good guy-main character-the movie/book is his storyThe protagonist is a character in a story, usually the main character. It is very often that the Protagonist is facing an antagonist, which is against the protagonist. the antagonist is usually portrayed as an evil person or creature, and the protagonist often wins and defeats the antagonist at the end. (basically, the protagonist is the good guy and main character)The main character in a literary work.Protagonist means the main person or character in the story.

It's a good guess. my friend called the guy she ended up dating a guy she called an idiot so go for it.

By creating episodes that are funny along with trying to tell a good story.

There was a guy called james and then he died and a man called richard become his king of the world the end thanks you for listing

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