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Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys in the world. The government is trying to protect them by setting up Conservation areas to prevent deforestation.

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How do pygmy-marmoset protect themselves?

Please answer dast

What is the habitat of a pygmy marmoset?

pygmy marmoset habitat

What pygmy marmoset have a backbone?

The pygmy marmoset has a spine, so is a vertebrate.

How fast can a Pygmy Marmoset?

A pygmy marmoset Can run From 7 to 10 miles per hour

What layer of the rainforest does a pygmy marmoset lives on?

The layer a pygmy marmoset lives on is the understory layer

What are Close relatives to a pygmy marmoset?

regular marmoset

How fast can a pygmy marmoset run?

A pygmy marmoset Can run From 7 to 10 miles per hour

What do pygmy marmoset monkeys eat?

Pygmy marmoset monkeys eat gum and sap from trees and some fruit.

If you have 2 marmoset pygmy monkey do they have to get a separate cages?

if u have 2 marmoset pygmy monkey do they have to get a separate cages?

Why is a pygmy marmoset called what it is?

Because pygmy means small

Can you keep a Pygmy Marmoset as a pet?

A pygmy marmoset is also known as a finger monkey. Having a pygmy marmoset as a pet may depend on what state you are in. The state may require a license in order to have this monkey as a pet.

Can you legally own a pygmy marmoset in the state of Georgia if so were and how can you get one?

you have to be atleast 18 to have a pygmy marmoset in the state of georgia.

What is the population of the Pygmy Marmoset?


How does the pygmy marmoset move?

they walk

What is the color of the Pygmy Marmoset?


How much space does a pygmy marmoset need in a zoo?

A Pygmy marmoset needs 1-2 acres, as they live in family groups.

What is the smallest breed of monkeys?

The pygmy marmoset

What is the smallest monkey called?

Pygmy Marmoset

Are pygmy marmoset monkeys legal in NJ?


Why is Pygmy Marmoset close to endangered?


Are pygmy marmoset legal Louisiana?

yes they are

Is a pygmy marmoset a herbivore carnivore or omnivore?

It is an omnivore. Click on the website below for more information. HOPE THIS HELPS! :-)

What is so cool about a pygmy marmoset monkey?

A Pygmy Marmoset is the world's smallest monkey. They can be as small as 2 to 4 inches tall and are known as finger monkeys.

How does a Pygmy-marmoset raise its young?

i think that pygmy marmosets raise there young by...........

Where does a pygmy marmoset live?

In the canopy layer of a rainforest.

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