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Mona Simpson and Jacqueline Ingrid Bouvier.

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What 80's sitcom had a grandma?

"The Simpsons"

What is marge simpsons middel name?

Jacqueline, after her grandma

What was the Simpsons movie called?

The Simpsons Movie

What is Emma Watson's grandma called?

She has one grandma called Freda

What is a movie where the grandma has cancer?

The movie where the grandma has cancer is called " Dead Grandma!"

How many episodes of the Simpsons does Grandma Mona Simpson appear in?

She's in at least 2 that I"ve seen.

What is myley cyrus's grandma called?

grandma ruthie

What is Lisa simpsons mum called from the simpsons?

Marge Simpson.

What was the first Simpsons movie called?

"The Simpsons Movie" obviously.

What is the name of Bart simpsons 1990s single on the simpsons?

It was called "Do the bartman"

What is The Simpsons' baby called?

The baby on the Simpsons is Maggie Simpson.

What was the first Simpsons video?

if by video u mean episode, then the first episode in the simpsons is called "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire."

What is the first episode of The Simpsons called?

The episode was named Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire.

Will there ever be a Simpson's hit and run 2?

No there will not be a simpsons hit and run 2 but they have a new simpsons game that has come out called The Simpsons Game

How do you say grandma in Armenian?

Grandma is called: MEDZ-MAYR OR MEDZ-MAMA in Armenian.

What is father's mom called as?


What is the laundromat called on The Simpsons?

It's called Springfield Laundromat

Is there a museum dedicated to The Simpsons?

I cannot locate a museum that is dedicated to The Simpsons. I did find a YouTube video called 'Simpsons Museum' but it appears to simply be someone's home that contains a LOT of Simpsons merchandise.

What is grandma wolf's name from private peaceful?

Grandma is called Grandma Wolf in private peacful because of all the gaps in between her teeth .

What is the theme song for The Simpsons on guitar?

well this is kinda hard because you cant post sheet music and if you try to port a url its flagged so go to songsterr and search Simpsons(The) - the Simpsons theme(you may need to set the search filter to guitar) there will be three one called the Simpsons - the Simpsons theme the green day version from the movie and one called Simpsons(The) - the Simpsons theme i suggest using the first one

What are the aliens from the simpsons called?

Kang and Kodos.

What are the aliens in the simpsons called?

kang and kodos

How do you say grandma in India?

Grandma is called DADI or DADIMA in Hindi & Hindi is the national language of India

What is mother's mom called as?

Grandmother. Or grandma

What is justin biebers grandma called?