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What is the gravitational pull of Planet X?

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None, there is no "Planet X"

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THe larger the planet, the more gravitational pull it has.

well depends what planet you are on the basic formulae is as follows weight = mass X gravitational field (gravitational pull) on each planet so depending on what planet you wish to know ill put int the answer . Mercury gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Venus gravitational pull is 8.8 so its 8.8kg Earth gravitational pull is 9.8 so its 9.8kg Mars gravitational pull is 3.7 so its 3.7kg Jupiter gravitational pull is 23.2 so its 23.2kg Saturn gravitational pull is 9.0 so its 9kg Uranus gravitational pull is 8.7 so its 8.7kg Neptune gravitational pull is 11.1 so its 11.1kg Pluto gravitational pull is 0.6 600g

All objects having mass have a gravitational pull.So,saturn also has gravitational pull.

The gravitational pull from the planet can determine it.

Because a planet has mass, it has a gravitational pull. Every object with mass has gravity, but the amount of mass it has determines its gravitational pull. The earth has a very large amount of mass, so it has a large gravitational pull.

You have the same mass anywhere, but you weigh more or less on a planet depending on the gravitaional pull of the planet. The more gravitational pull, the more you weigh. The gravitational pull depends on the size of the planet. The bigger the planet, the more gravitaional pull.

Mercury receives the most gravitational pull from the sun.

In our solar system, the largest planet, which has the strongest gravitational attraction, is Jupiter.

Because the closer the planet is to the sun, the higher the chances of getting pulverized by the sun's gravitational pull

Jupiter does, with a gravitational pull of 23.1m/s2.

Comparing Neptune to Earth, the planet Neptune has a larger gravitational pull the the Earth. It is about 14% larger in comparison to the Earth's gravitational pull.

Due to the differentiating masses of each Planet, and their gravitational pull, you may gain weight or lose weight on different planets. The more the planet weighs, the higher the gravitational pull, the more you will weigh. The less the planet weighs, the less the gravitational pull, the less you will weigh when on that planet.

The gravitational pull of the Sun

The gravitational pull from the sun plus its own pull away from the sun

The planet and the moon(s) gravitational pull

the gravitational pull of the planet it orbits

the gravitational pull of the planet it orbits

The relative strength of its gravitational pull is directly proportional to the planet's mass.

The planet with the third-biggest gravitational pull is Uranus.

Earth has the strongest gravitational pull.

The larger the planet, the more the gravity pulls.

it has to do with suns gravitational pull

It depends on the size of the planet itself.

The moon orbits the earth because earth has a strong gravitational pull. Every planet has a gravitational pull, but the amount depends on how big the planet is.