What is the green stuff in your pool water?

Green Stuff in the Pool

The green stuff is one of two things: 1) algae which needs to be oxidized (shocked) or 2) copper which can be removed with a sequestering agent.

Here are more answers from other FAQ Farmers:

  • Like the posters above you could have Algae, generally indicated by a green growth on walls and cracks and crannys of the pool along with the water being green. Copper from perhaps a heater's heat exchanger or perhaps you used a copper based algae remover. So then what can happen is the Copper can come out of solution and show up as green water. Next do you have well water or water with a high content of iron? That will show up very green, especially when you have just put in a large amount of water to bring the pool up to the correct level. And again you will need a product to tie it up and remove and put it back into solution. Best solution to get all this back into solution or get rid of it, Please go to a swimming pool professional licensed and insured with a sample of water, they will be able to give you the professional product for your swimming pool.
  • 99% of the time a green pool will be from an infestation of algae. The first thing you should do is shock the pool with a strong chlorine, that will kill the algae. You then need to run the pool constantly until it has cleared it up. Chlorine will kill the algae, and the filter will remove the cloudiness that is sometimes left behind.