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What is the hardest brahms piano piece?

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Hands down, the Brahms- Paganini Variations. Followed by the Handel Variations and Fugue, both mammoth pieces, but hard in different ways. The Paganini Variaions are wicked, fire eating virtuoso pieces. Clara Schumann sourly called them "witch variations", admitting she couldn't even manage them herself.

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Many piano players think that the piano melody "4'33" is the hardest piece to learn and master.

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Johannes Brahms didn't play violin but played piano. He didn't play the violin but played the piano

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Brahms violin concerto was written in D Major. Johannes Brahms composed this piece in 1878 and was dedicated to this friend Joseph Joachim who played the violin.

Johannes Brahms wrote the piece.

Brahms was a virtuoso Pianist. Like his father, he also played the horn. In his early years, Brahms found employment as a third horn player, as well as piano. Although the valve horn was around at the time, Brahms favored the timbre of the natural horn.

No, Louise Japha was a fellow-pupil of Eduard Marxsen, with whom Brahms studied with when he was young. She reported a piano sonata that Brahms had played or improvised at the age of 11, but destroyed in later life.

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A piano teacher can tutor you on how to play the piece, but the student is the one who has to learn the piece. No amount of instruction from the teacher is going to help you, the student learn the piece. Practice makes perfect.

First, you need to get the music. Then you will need piano lessons (if you are not already an accomplished pianist), and then can learn the piece. As you are learning this piece, you are playing it on the piano.

A four-hand piano piece is a musical composition for two people to play at one keyboard.

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