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the universe i mean think about it.

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What is the hardest substance in the universe?

The hardest substance in the universe is the crust of a star. It is 10,000,000,000 harder than steel.

What is the worlds hardest question?

What is outside the universe.

What is the hardest thing in the universe?

Brett mills

What is the name of the hardest solid?

The name of the hardest solid is a diamond; it is the hardest object known to humankind.

Is a diamond the hardest object?

Yes, diamond is the hardest mineral on earth.

What is the hardest science problem in the universe?

Immortality.. I supose.

What is the hardest object on earth?

it is the dimond

What is the hardest object in the world?


Hardest science questions?

Two of the hardest science questions are, what is the relationship of gravity to the other basic forces of the universe, and what is the dark energy which apparently is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate.

Which object is the hardest diamond aluminum iron or lead?

Diamond is the hardest mineral known.

Which galaxy is hardest to see?

The ones that are beyond the observable Universe.

Which is the hardest stone in the universe?

Diamond (moncrystaline carbon) is the hardest mineral on Earth at least. The universe is quite varied and we know very little of the hardness of neutron stars or black holes...

What does gravity do in the universe?

Gravity makes every object in the Universe attract every other object.

What is the most distant object in the universe?

A star is probably the most distant object in the universe. The most distant "seen" object is a quasar.

Everywhere in the universe this characteristic of an object stays the same?

The mass of an object remains the same everywhere in the universe.

What is zincs texture?

stupid question of course it is the hardest material in the universe.

What is the hardest object made of metal?

sludge hammer

What is the biggest object in the universe?

In the Universe the largest object structurably is Sloan Great Wall which is 1,370,000,000 light years wide and the biggest physical object is the Observable Universe Which is 93,000,000,000 lights years in diameter

What is kentchin?

The hardest metal in the universe is kentchin, it can only be located in areas of supernovas

What is The hottest object in the universe?

The condensed universe itself, at the big bang.

Distinguish between a celestial object and the universe?

Anything that is within the Universe.

Is there an object as hard as a Diamond?

Diamond is the hardest known mineral.

What is the biggest object in astronomy?

The Universe

Is the force that every object in the universe exerts on anther object?

gravity :)

Whats the hardest miss universe question ever?

that is a wonderful question that derserves a wonderful answer!