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Google Earth runs most computers with Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems. There is also a mobile version for Adroid and iPhone devices.

Google Earth 7 may not run on some older computers but Google Earth 6.2.2 may still work on those platforms.

For full list of system requirements see related link below.

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Why isn't Google Earth working?

Google Earth is a software application, and like most software it can stop working by freezing or crashing. Why a particular instance of Google Earth stops working depends on a number of things including the OS platform (e.g. Windows), version of Google Earth (7.1.1, 6.2.2, etc), type of hardware/drivers, etc.Google provides help on how to troubleshoot the common problems of Google Earth on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Visit a help center web site or click "Help" in Google Earth Help menu.

Is software necessary to use Google Earth?

You do not need to download software to use Google Earth. You can use the web client version from the Google Maps website. If you did choose to download it, it is free.

What are the names of some Google Software applications?

The names of some of the Google Software applications are Google Chrome, Google earth, Gmail notifier, Picasa, Google Pinyin, and also Google toolbar.

What is the role of Google Updater software?

Google Updater is installed when you download and install Google pack and /or Google Earth. But it may also come pre-installed with other Google Software on your computer.

Is version for Google Earth a Pro edition?

The Google Earth Free and Pro versions have the same numbering scheme so the version itself doesn't tell you if what you have is Pro version or not. When you start Google Earth Pro it will have "Google Earth Pro" in the title of the window. You can also go to Help menu and select "About Google Earth".

Where can one find a download for Google Earth?

You can download Google Earth from Google's website. You can also find Google Earth available for download on websites that specialize in providing free software such as Softpedia or Cnet.

Does Google Earth mess up your computer?

Google Earth and Google Earth Pro are Google software products. It normally does not "mess" up your computer but like any software application problems do happen (e.g. system crashes, corrupt cache files, etc.).If you're using Google Earth Pro and have problems then you should contact Google Earth support (which is part of the subscription) or check out the Google Earth Support web site for solutions.If you use the free version then you can post questions or problems to the Google Earth forum - see related link below.

What are the different versions of Google Earth?

Google Earth software is available in 5 types:Google Earth free desktop clientGoogle Earth free mobile clientGoogle Earth web browser plugin (uses Google Earth API)Google Earth Pro clientGoogle Earth Enterprise clientFor each desktop platform Google Earth has Windows, Mac, Linux versionsFor mobile platform there are Android, and iOS (iPhone) versions.There is also a new automotive version as well.

Which is better Google earth or Google latitude?

They're both different software with different usages.Google earth is an earth visualizer, as well as a map, direction finder, and general combination of several useful google map utilities.Google latitude, however, is a software commonly found on the new google phones that allows you to reveal your current location to your friends and family and to find out theirs.It really depends on what you want to do.

Is Google Maps free to download?

Google Maps is a website you visit in your web browser. There is no software to download like you do for Google Earth. Both Google Maps and Google Earth are free to use. See URL in related links below.

What type of software is Google Earth?

Google Earth is a geographical mapping application that consists of client and server components. Google provides a free version of the client as well as Pro and Enterprise versions. The availability of high resolution imagery of the world as well as panoramic Street View imagery makes Google Earth a popular and useful software tool to explore the world.

Where can one find a map of Africa?

if you want to see the maps of Africa, i prefer you to use google earth software, as it is very good and gives you the desired and real photographed maps of the whole world, to get the software go to google's website at and download the google earth software.

Which Google software tools from Google Pack are still available?

Google Earth, Google Chrome, and Picasa are still available to download, though they must be downloaded separately. The other Google-branded software was discontinued in September 2011, including Google Desktop, Google Toolbar for IE, Google Photos Screensaver, Google Talk, and Google Video Player.

Is there a website look at earth as a planet live?

Google Earth; it's not a website but it's a piece of software you can download for free.

Why has Google Earth stop working on this computer?

Google Earth like any software application sometimes fails to work. In many cases you can simply reboot the computer, re-install Google Earth or clear the local disk cache used by Google Earth, and it will work again.Google provides a list of common solutions to deal with Google Earth crashing. Check out the related link below.

Why do people download Google Earth?

People download and use Google Earth because it is a useful software. With Google Earth, people can view the location of many thing around them, such as museum, station, movie theater. Also people can find it very useful in their own job, for example, teachers can use Google Earth for lesson planning.

How do you go on Google Earth with Google installer?

You need to run the installer. Once it's installed, go on Google maps and hover over the maps icon in the top right corner. Three options will expand, click on Google Earth. You can also download a Google Earth software to run on your computer if you can't get it to work online. . backward paragraph

Can you downloads wlan program for the psp street?

No, the PSP Street has no wireless capabilities, no wireless hardware. No software on earth can give it that functionality.

How can you go on Google Earth without downloading it?

You must either download/install the desktop version of Google Earth on your computer or visit a website using the Google Earth API and download the web browser plugin when prompted. In both cases you must download some software to your computer to run Google Earth. The browser plugin, however, doesn't require administrator privileges, which the desktop install does. Googles Maps on the other hand does not require any software or plugin downloading. You can try out the web-browser plugin version of Google Earth visiting the URL in related links below.

Which is the best for Google Earth in OpenGL or DirectX mode?

It depends on the particular computer and video card. When you start Google Earth, you can select the rendering of 3D imagery best suited to your system hardware. If you are using Windows, Google Earth tries to determine which setting is most suitable for you graphics card and automatically suggests that you switch.

Can you get a virus if you download Google Earth?

Not if you download from the official site (, but it might if you download it elsewhere. Downloading executable software such as Google Earth from non-official web sites could potentially contain a virus or other malware. Only download such software directly from official sites.

What is Google Update current version plugin Download?

This Plugin is an add-on from Google which works as a updater for all its programs, you might have got this add-on when you installed any Google program like Chrome, Earth or any other software/tool from Google.Google Updater is installed when you download Google Pack or Google Earth.Google Update is an open source component of several different Google programs, including Google Chrome and Google Earth.See related links below for more details.

How do you install Google Earth?

The easiest way to install Google Earth is to visit the download page on the google earth website. The download page will automatically detect the platform and start downloading the current version. Note many non-google websites provide downloads for Google Earth and other Google products. To get the official software you can only get it from google's websites. Other websites many have viruses or other surprises. See related link below.

Where can one download Google Earth free version safely?

You can download Google Earth safely and for free from Google's official website. Alternatively, you can download it from a website that offers free software downloads, such as Cnet or Softpedia.

What are a list of software packages?

Such a list could comprise:EvernoteLotus123Adobe ReaderGoogle EarthSpotify