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What is the harmful effect of ninhydrin?

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2007-06-28 16:01:26

    Synonyms: ninhydrin monohydrate, 1,2,3-triketohydrindene

    monohydrate, 1,2,3-indantrione monohydrate,

    2,2-dihydroxy-1,3-indandione, 1H-indene-1,2,3-trione monohydrate,

    triketohydrindene hydrate Molecular formula: C9H6O4 CAS No:

    485-47-2 EINECS No: 207-618-1

    Appearance: white to light yellow crystals or powder, turning

    red when heated Melting point: 250 C Boiling point: Vapour density:

    Vapour pressure: Density (g cm-3): 0.862 Flash point: Explosion

    limits: Autoignition temperature:

    Stable. Incompatible with amines, alkalies, strong bases.


    Harmful if swallowed. Skin, eye and respiratory irritant.

    Toxicity dataIPR-MUS LD50 78 mg kg-1 ORL-RAT LDLO 250 mg

    kg-1 ORL-RAT LD50 600 mg kg-1

    Non-hazardous for air, sea and road freight.

    Safety glasses, adequate ventilation.

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