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look on your door tag...where it has tire size,pressure & the like. It should have a GVWR on it.... like my 2000 2500 light duty has a GVWR of 8600 pounds,i went through a scale & with me & a full tank of fuel it was 5500 pounds. So i can haul 3100 pounds of load. now the more you add to the truck,like bull bar,bed tool box & the like you will have to compensate for that as well. make sure you have tire that will handle the load too. Just cause they fit on the rim doesn't mean they will hold all the weight. If it has a P in front of the tire size then it won't hold much as it's a passenger tire. i have 10 ply tires on mine (load range E & has "LT" in front of tire size denoting it's a Light truck tire) & they can carry 3046 pounds per tire single,& duals they drop to 2700 something. Also, generally the bigger the tire is the more weight it can carry. the tires i mentioned above are LT245/75R16's. LT265/75R16's can carry roughly 3400 pounds,& LT285/75R16's can carry roughly 3700 pounds per tire. make sure your air pressure is at the maximum for load carrying (you can find this on the sidewall of the tire). Hope this answered your question & good luck

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Q: What is the hauling capacity of 2000 Chevrolet 2500 crew cab pickup short bed?
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