What is the healing approach to a Narcissist dear to you?

I dont mean to be unkind but is a Narcissist dear to you or do you THINK they are? Narcissist cloud and confuse the minds of everyone they manage to consume. As a female I am often asking myself what it is about my N partner I hold so dear. The answer is NOTHING. The N is not a real person, only a walking, talking construct of who he thinks he is. In their minds, people are not bodies to be loved, adored and cherished; their only purpose is to satisfy the N ego. I am in the process of leaving mine...I want human flesh and blood not a amoebic parasite. True personality disorders cannot be healed from the outside-in. In fact, anyone with a problem has to want to heal him/herself. Answer Oh be careful. Yes the person has to want to heal themselves. You need to be and remain at a safe distance to point out the problem to the Narcissist and step well well well back. They may be very angry at first unless they already know they have this. They may well not believe you. They will have to search for the answer themselves. You will have to pray that the bit inside of them that's good will understand and that the person will try to work it out for themselves. Anyone too close will probably not be the one to help because so much of their energy will be drawn into helping the narcissist.