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What is the healthy weight for a 11 year old?

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A healthy weight for an 11 year old depends on their height. The

average 11 year old girl is 4'4" tall & weighs 79.2


the answer above is absolutely incorrect! say ur 5'0...and 11...u

should weigh about...105lbs.....

Well I am 5'1" and weigh 145 lbs and the BMI calculator says

i am healthy. if you are 79.2 lbs you are under weight!!!! ( though

the girls around you are tiny it is not good to be underweight) It

is all right to have a cake or two (slices) after every meal as

long as the meal was healthy. After that you should take a nap to

let your body figure out what to do with the fat. if you have a

body like mine it will store your fat (this is a good thing) so

that you will need to eat again so you have energy (eat a snack big

snack like a full bag of chex mix or two not a meal) to run and

play. And since you took a nap that day you may not be tired so you

can wacth about six hours of TV leaving you with 4 hours of sleep

to be ready in the morning. and on the weekends you should eat

maybe 5 meals a day so that you have energy. After every meal you

can/should make a bacth of Brownies and eat them your self and take

a nap. So if you follow these steps you will have a beautiful

healthy body like mine and every day a very cute 70-90lb boy will

ask you out. it happens to me every day in middle school. Remember

it is OK to get 1-10 desserts in the lunch line (normally i get 10)

and to be 147 lbs when you are 5' tall.

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