What is the heart of Buddha's teachings?

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Four Noble Truths is the heart of Buddha's teachings.
Everything that happens to us is the result of cause and effect; we create these conditions we now experience.
Do no harm.

What is Buddha's religion?

Buddhism. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhism. He was born in a Hindu kingdom and spent 29 years as a Prince in Kapilvastu . Although his father ensured that Siddhartha was provided with everything he could want or need, Siddhartha felt that material wealth was not the ultimate goal of life. ( Full Answer )

What troubles Siddhartha about Buddha's teachings From the book Siddhartha?

Siddhartha has concluded at this point in the story that the only way for one to become enlightened is to figure out how to do it himself. Siddhartha knows that he will not be able to become enlightened if he has a teacher. He must teach himself, learn, and think in order to become enlightened as he ( Full Answer )

Can Buddha's be miners?

Buddhists can be miners. Before Buddhism came to Tibet the aniministic religion called Bon prevailed. People believed that spirits inhabited every aspect of the world, and that mining could disturb those spirits in some situations so it was not allowed. After Buddhism became established in Tibet peo ( Full Answer )

How were the Buddha's teachings preserved after his death?

His followers and disciples wrote down his oral (spoken) sermons, lessons and teachings after his death. His teachings were also transmitted orally from teacher to student, in the various lineages of Buddhism.

What were Buddha's teachings?

In a nutshell the Buddha's teachings were this: The Four Noble Truths, which are: 1) There is suffering (discontentment, unhappiness) in the world 2) There are specific causes of this suffering, our desires and our need to see the world and ourselves as never changing (called seeking ground to ( Full Answer )

What was Buddha's path?

The Buddha's path is called the Noble Eightfold Path for the sake of reaching enlightenment which is the complete ending of all suffering. The Noble Eightfold Path has the following components :- Right Understanding, Right Thought,Right Speech,Right Action,Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mind ( Full Answer )

How many Buddha's are there?

Gautam Buddha(real name Siddhartha Gautama) was born in Lumbini,Nepal. He was prince of Shakya kingdom. As part of kingdom he was forbidden to go out. Later when he reached adulthood he left the palace to explore the world. By that time he was curious about life and everything. He then sat under a t ( Full Answer )

How was Buddha's childhood?

Well... He was a prince. He must have lived a very privileged, very lonely childhood

When is Buddha's birthday?

The most important day for Buddhist is Wesak Day when we remember His birth, His enlightenment and His death. Wesak Day is around the 15 day of the 4th moon in lunar calender. However, in lunar calender there is possible leap month, i.e. we may have two consecutive 4th moon (4th month) or two 9th mo ( Full Answer )

What was Buddha's beliefs?

Buddhism is a nontheistic religion which focuses on the liberationof the self and the eventual achievement of Nirvana. GataumaBuddha, the original Buddha, taught of a Middle Path betweenindulgence and extreme abstinence.

Why do people still learn buddha's teachings today?

Buddhists and many other religious and philosophical types have done a lot of thinking about the relation of mankind to the rest of the universe. The study of these writings provides a step up for people seeking understanding of the "Big Questions". People of all types study Buddhism. If they like w ( Full Answer )

Who were Buddha's parents?

The Buddha's father was King Suddhodana, the leader of Shakya clan. His mother was Queen Maha Maya (Māyādevī) a Koliyan princess

How did Buddha's teachings agree with Hinduism?

Well in class I learns that Buddhism and Hinduism both believe in reincarnation and they both believe in dharma and they also believe in karma,samsara,and moksha

How do you use technology to teach heart diseases in the class room?

Teaching Heart Pathology . I have found that using a combination if Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) and hyperlinks to Flash, or SWF, files on the web is very helpful. If you have trouble showing the video files on the projector: Try downloading the file to the left Also Google Images provides some ( Full Answer )

What is Buddha's answer to suffering?

The answer to suffering is the 8 fold path.. Suffering is caused by want.. To end suffering you must end your desire by achieveing peace within yourslef and with all the things around you.. You end desire by following the 8 fold path..

What was Buddha's religon?

Buddha' s religion was Buddhist. A way that you can remember that is: Take away the "ist" And add a small "a", Now you have the word Buddha And that's that for today! More information: The founder of Buddhism. Lord Buddha was a prince, who forsook the comforts of a palace to seek enlightenment. He r ( Full Answer )

How many Buddha's?

The word Buddha means enlightened one therefore there have been numerous "Buddhas" throughout history. The first recognized Buddha was Siddhartha Gautama. He was a prince in India circa 500 BC and the originator of the Buddhist philosophy. Contrary to the beliefs of many non-Buddhists he was not a g ( Full Answer )

What were Buddha's beliefs?

Upon realizing his true nature, Gautama Siddartha no longer carried beliefs. He saw directly into the nature of reality, so there was no need for belief because he had direct experience. Do you need to a belief to know that hitting your thumb will hurt? You've experienced it yourself, no belief is n ( Full Answer )

What was Buddha's job?

Buddha started out as a Prince, he became a wandering ascetic. after enlightenment he became a teacher.

What is Buddha's story?

Siddhartha, the story of Buddha-to-be, was written by Hermann Hessein 1922. It deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of aman named Siddhartha.

What is the Buddha's language?

Kindness is the buddha's language however if you are talking about modern linguistics the original language of the Buddha was Sanskrit the classical language of ancient India.

What was Buddha's question and his answer?

His question was "How can sentient beings be cured of suffering?" His answer was: (1) That we need to first understand the source of the suffering, which is primarily that we have an incorrect understanding of the world which leads us to cling to our views of the world and things in it as (A) ( Full Answer )

How does belief in Buddha's teaching effect the life of a Buddhist?

There are lots of Buddhists, and lots of ways, but in general, a belief in the Buddha's teaching leads to studying those teachings until one comes to see for themselves that they are both true and effective in reducing suffering in one's life; they seem to have this effect by making what is going on ( Full Answer )

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What was Buddha's legacy?

The dharma, his teachings, the insight into the truth he saw, and the skills he taught to gain a better understanding of that truth, and put it into practice in one's life. When the Buddha's wife saw him for the first time after his enlightenment, after many years apart, legend has it that she told ( Full Answer )

How might Buddhism have changed the culture of the areas of India that accepted the Buddha's teaching?

Actually Buddhism had and still has a significant effect on India. At one time Buddhism was the largest religion in India. This lasted for quite some time until Hindu priests used their political power to dampen the spread of Buddhism and cause it to decline. Regardless of ancient history, the Buddh ( Full Answer )

What were some of Buddha's teachings?

Some of the Buddha's teachings were the eightfold path and the four noble truths. The eightfold path's main teaching were right understanding, right purpose, right speech, right action, right way to earn a living, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration. The teachings of the 4 noble ( Full Answer )

Where is Buddha's tree?

According to Buddhism's conventional narrative, the sacred fig tree, known as the Bodhi tree, was in the town of Bodh Gaya, India.

Where is Buddha's Birthday celebrated?

Lord Buddha's Birthday is celebrated by all the Buddhist , especially in Budhist majority countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam,Bhutan, Sri Lanka, China(Tibet) , Japan , India etc.

What was Buddha's weight?

The Buddha had the lowest and the heaviest weight possible for a human being. When he was born he weighed about 7 pounds. He grew up, then nearly starved himself to death.

Where was Buddha's homeland?

Buddha was born in Lumbini, nowdays know as Nepal, and Died in Kushinagar, know known as India.

What was the Buddha's beliefs?

Nowhere in the suttas or sutras (Buddhist scriptures) are Buddha's personal beliefs espoused. Buddha did not write the Suttas. They were written from the memory of old monks years after Buddha had passed to the next state. He simply understood the situation (or illusion) in which we find ourselves a ( Full Answer )

What was Buddha's occupation?

He was originally a prince, became a mendicant ascetic , and ultimately a wandering philosopher/teacher.

How did Buddha's teachings disagree with Hinduism?

There was no Hinduism in the Buddha's day, but there were Brahmins who followed teachings found in the Vedas. Here are some ways the Buddha's teachings disagreed with other teacher's views in his day (doctrines that would lead to what we call Hinduism): 1. He pointed out that, try as we might, ( Full Answer )

How did Buddha's teaching agree with Hinduism?

Buddha's teachings agreed with Hinduism because like Hindus, he believed that people should act morally and treat others well. Buddha also did not reject the teaching of reincarnation, which is the process of rebirth.

What is Buddha's religious philosophy and teachings?

We generally think of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism to be the four noble truths. These ideas would be taught to and understood by most people who regard themselves as Buddhist: 1.The truth of suffering, where we are now 2.The truth regarding the beginning or origin of suffering 3.The t ( Full Answer )

What were Buddha's achievements?

His achievements for us were that path to the cessation of the cycle of death and rebirth was identified. So suffering and pain could be avoided. For himself his achievment was to attain enlightenment.

Who is Buddha's wife?

When he was 16 Siddhartha married his cousin of the same age named Yaśodharā. They had a child named Rāhula which means fetter (think ball and chain ).

What was Buddha's experience?

When Prince Gautam became Buddha through meditation,his first experience was salvation of soul through service of mankind and thereby attaining God. This ideology formed the basis of Buddhism ,which has been continuing for thousands of years.

How did the buddha's teachings impact others in his lifetime?

In many different ways. Thousands of monks and nuns are said tohave attained enlightenment. Perhaps the most radical impact was found in the person ofAngulimala. Angulimala was a mass-murderer who wore a necklace withone tooth from each of his victims. He met the Buddha, andattempted to kill him. I ( Full Answer )