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It's hard to get your heed around, but all the electricity that goes into your computer is turned to heat. If you know how much energy your computer draws in watts, you can calculate the heat output in BTUs. BTUs = Watts x 3.412

If you know how much energy your computer consumes in Amps, you can convert amps to watts with the following: Watts = Amps x Volts. This should be listed on the power supply.

Don't be confused by the DC rating of power supplies. The above calculations refer to the amount of AC your computer takes in from the wall socket, not how much the power supply delivers inside the computer as DC.

Because computers have sophisticated power saving features, the idle current, the average current, and the rated current will vary significantly. Idle current can easily be 1/2 the rated current.

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How do you work out the heat output from a desk top computer?

Obtain the wattage of the computer and all of the peripherals used and convert that # to btu.

Are computer speakers an input or output?

Computer speakers are an output for you computer. They plug in to the input on your computer. +++ Pardon? If they are an output device you plug them into the appropriate output connector on the computer, not input!

Is a computer an output device or a modem?

A computer is an output device.

Define the output device in computer?

Define the output device in computer?

What is an output in the computer?

Output is like, if you print something, the information on the paper is output. If you are listening to music on the computer, the sound is output. If you are watching a movie, the actions, the images, and the sound is output. In other words, output is something the computer provides for you.

What is the efficiency of an engine when the heat input is 1000 joules and the waste heat is 750 joules?

Efficiency is output/input, waste heat is what not going to output. Input = Output + Waste heat so Output = Input - Waste heat and efficiency = (input - waste heat)/output Just press the calculator for the answer outcome XD 25% (apex) :)

Which there parts of the computer give output?

give an example for output clesia of the computer

What is computer output used for?

The computer output is what one will see on a screen. For example the image text can be seen on ones computer would be considered output. There is also audio output which is what one hears through computer speakers.

When was heat sink first introduced as a regular part of a computer?

Heat Sinks were in use long before electronic computer. In 1930s radio station power output tube was usually kept cool by a circulating water jacket heat sink.

What is important role of superconductor in computer?

Superconductors have the potential to drastically increase computer performance. They can increase the data transfer rates while reducing heat output.

Is a headphone input or output for a computer?


What three parts of the computer receive output?

Three basic components of a computer that receive output are a monitor, a printer and the speakers. Anything that receives electrical output from the computer is considered an output device.

What is the output of computer key board?

A computer keyboard is an INPUT device not an OUTPUT device.

What is the Conclusion of input and output devices of computer?

What is the Conclusion of input and output devices of computer?

What is output device of first geneation computer?

The output device on a first generation computer was printouts. That was the only way to receive output.

What is computer output microfilm?

Output to a photographic plate.

What are the output devices of a computer?

The output of a computer can be purely visual, in which case the output device is a monitor, or it can be printed, in which case the output device is a printer; when computers produce sound, the output device is a speaker.

How do you use projector as a monitor?

what is the work of projector as a output of the computer what is the work of projector as a output of the computer

Why do you have a monitor and what are the uses?

A monitor is the "gateway" to your computer. It is the output of your computer. E.g. a mathematical formula has an input, an output and an algorithm. The keyboard & mouse is the input, the computer is the algorithm, and the monitor is the output.

What is an output on a computer?

a signal coming out of a computer

How to give the correct answer output on the a plus computer science output worksheet and how to you calculate compute the output for a a plus computer science course?

Correcting output on a plus computer is easy. All you have to do is right check and see the right answer.

Are headphones input or output devices?

Output, the sound is coming from the computer. Headphones are output; they produce something after receiving signal from another device, such as a computer or electronic player. When you use headphones they go in the output port of your computer.

Is a projector an output device?

An output device is anything that can output information from a computer. Therefore, a projector that is conected to a computer is as much an output device as a screen, a printer or communications port.

WHAT is the function of output unit in computer system?

A output on a computer is the sound, what is displayed on the monitor, printed matter, etc. What comes out of the computer

Computer process output information into input data?

No. Computer process (input) information into (output) data.

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