What is the heat recovery time for a 40 gallon hot water tank?

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How do you drain a hot water tank?

Answer . \n1. Turn off the electricity or gas to your water heater.\n2. Turn off the cold water supply to the tank.\n3. Attach a water hose the valve on the bottom of the tank.\n4. Open the hot water valve on any faucet.\n5. Open the valve on the water heater.\n6. When the tank empties close the ( Full Answer )

Why does your water tank not heat water?

Answer . \ntripped breaker, broken wire, burned out heater element.. Answer . \ntripped breaker, broken wire, burned out heater element.

How do you fit a hot water tank?

Normally to fit in it in a small place I remove the doors or possibly remove a section of the wall

How do you calculate the gallons of water in a tank?

Multiply the three measurements, length, width and height in inches to get cubic inches. 18 x 12 x 12 = 2592 cubic inches. Then multiply that number by 0.00433 to convert from cubic inches to gallons (11.22 gallons). You will be off a little bit, as most people use the outside tank measurements and ( Full Answer )

How do you flush out a hot water tank?

Attach a garden hose to the drain spigot and run the hose outside or into a toilet or sink. Open the spigot and drain the tank until the water runs clear. You could have turned off the water heater beforehand so as to reduce the risk of scalding yourself. You should drain the tank as recommended ( Full Answer )

Should supply line coming out of hot water tank have a drop down leg in it to keep the tank from losing heat out the pipes?

\nNo this is not necessary. Install the pipes as per usual. You can insulate the hot water pipes up to two meters or up to two yards from the hot water outlet from the hot water tank to prevent this.. \nNo this is not necessary. Install the pipes as per usual. You can insulate the hot water pipes u ( Full Answer )

How do you Replace a hot water tank?

What type of hot water tank? Is it vertical or horizontal, roof or wall mounted? brand and size? electric or solar? Replacing a Hot Water Heater is not recommended. A qualified and registered plumber should always be called when replacing such a unit, taking a chance and doing it yourself, puts you ( Full Answer )

Will Hot water tank freezing?

If the hot water tank is off it is possible. It is also possible for the cold water going to the hot water tank to freeze. Insulate all pipes that are exposed - or let them drip (this is more expensive!)

How long will it take a 40 gallon water heater to heat up?

"One hour for a new water heater" for a NEW one. If its a few years old, Id wait about 2 hours or so. That way it wont get cold while you are in the shower, and it can refill at the same time that it dispenses.

How do you bleed hot water tank?

There is a safe and slow way to do it, by turning off the water to the heater and removing both vacuum breakers and then opening the drain valve to the hot water heater. You can now drain it, which can take about one hour. However, depending on where the hot water heater is positioned, lets assume a ( Full Answer )

How many minutes will 40 gallons of hot water last in a shower?

That depends on both how quickly water flows out of the shower head (gallons per minute) and how hot the water is (ratio of cold water to hot water). Also depends on the recovery rate of the water heater. As you use up the hot water, the water heater is making new hot water, but not usually as fast ( Full Answer )

Where is the heating element in a hot water tank?

you will see a large brass nut with a plastic cover and electrical wire coming from it, normally at the top and to one side of the hot water cylinder, this is the immersion heater, there are two common lengths, 27 inch and 11 inch. Also, there are side entry immersion heaters. Some cylinders h ( Full Answer )

Can an Oscar fish be in a 40 gallon tank?

No. An Oscar needs a minimum of 75 gallons with an extra 20-30 gallons per each added Oscar. Oscars grow very large and are predatory. Please read up on them before you even think about getting one.

How do you fill a hot water tank?

Make the hot and cold connection, open the hot side of a faucet and turn the water on. As the tank fills, the air will come out the faucet until the tank is full.

How do you drain water from 40 gallon hot water heater in my house?

At the bottom front edge, there should be a hose connection. Attach a garden hose to it and then open the valve. Because sediment can collect at the bottom of the heater, they can drain slow sometimes, but it should drain eventually. Turn the heater off before draining.

Who invented hot water tanks?

Hot water holding systems have been used as far back as the Romans. They particularly liked building hot water baths, of a communal nature. I would suspect that as soon as the copper and bronze age occurred, a shaped bowl was used to heat water.

Where is the termocouple in hot water tank?

The thermocouple runs from the pilot light to the control valve. One end sits in the flame from the pilot light and the other is screwed into the bottom of the control valve. It is a copper colored wire/tube about twice the size of the lead in a pencil. It should be beside the larger tube that runs ( Full Answer )

Why heating element is placed at the bottom to heat a hot water tank?

To fasten the heating in a particular object. This is caused by the the hot ar coming from the flame to the object above. This is called convection, if the heating element is placed somewhere else convection won't occur the only heating classification available will be radiation, which is the transf ( Full Answer )

How do you flush out a hot water heate tank?

You first turn OFF the power to tank, now remove the anode rod, ( a large bolt head on top of the tank, attached to what may remain of your rod) . then attach a hose pipe to the bottom fitting, lead it outside or to any drain, turn on the valve by it, turn OFF your inlet valve and open the relief va ( Full Answer )

What is hot water tank insulation?

There is insulation between the outside and inside wall of a hot water tank. There is also an insulation product that you can get to wrap around the outside of the hot water tank as well. Kit is usually available at any plumbing or hardware store. Only good for electrical HWT, as a gas tank has a fl ( Full Answer )

Why does your hot water tank have rust in it?

All hot water tanks have rust after 4-5 years. If you are a sensible homeowner, drain and clean it every 3-4 years. You first turn OFF the power to tank, now remove the anode rod, ( a large bolt head on top of the tank, attached to what may remain of your rod) . then attach a hose pipe to the botto ( Full Answer )