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What is the Hebrew word for friend?


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a male friend = (chaver) חבר

a female friend = (chaverah) חברה

The above only work with the same genders (a male would call his male friend a chaver, and a female would call her female friend a chaverah.

If a male is referring to a female friend, and not a girlfriend, she would be called yedidah (ידידה)

If a female is referring to a male friend, and not a boyfriend, she would be called yadid (ידיד).


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No. Chaver (חבר) is the masculine word for "friend." Chava (חוה) is the Hebrew name for Eve. The female word for friend is chavera (חברה).

the word chaver (חבר) is the Hebrew word for "friend" and is not used as a name.

It is a female friend or a girlfriend.

"Haver" (חבר), which also means "Friend".

chaver (חבר) means "friend" or "member"

a male friend of a male = chavér (חבר)a male friend of a female = yadid (ידיד)

Ruth (רות) is a Hebrew name which was derived from the Hebrew word רְעוּת (re'ut) meaning "friend".

The word is chaver, and the ch is pronounced like the letter j in spanish (in the word Juan). Another word for friend is yadid. Ruth, Israel

Chaverah (חברה) = friend (feminine form) or girlfriend

Chaverah (חברה) means female friend or girlfriend.

yedida (ידידה) = female friend or acquaintance.

Chavera or Havera (חברה) = friend (female) or girlfriend.

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