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Don't know if this is exact

Chris Fehn is 6' 3'' 1/2

Joey Jordison is 5' 3"

Jim Root (every one thinkz he is 6' 6") but he is more like 6' 8" (tallest guitarist in music history)

Sid Wilson is 5'11 or 6'1"

Corey Taylor is 5'8"

Shawn Crahan is 5'11" or 6ish

Mick Thomson is 6'4"ish or 6'5" ish

Paul Gray is like 6'1"

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Q: What is the height of all the members of slipknot?
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How old are slipknot?

The band, slipknot, is 10 years old. However, the members are all in their 30's

What is with the Slipknot symbal?

a nine pointed pentagram to symbolize all nine members of the band in the middle the world slipknot.

Why did slipknot form their band?

Various members of slipknot have stated in interviews that they were all in bands before slipknot, They formed slipknot because they were all sick of the same music in the charts at the time and they wanted to perform something different.

How many musicians are in Slipknot?

Slipknot has nine members.

How many people are in Slipknot?

There are nine band members in Slipknot.

Is number five of Slipknot a girl?

All of Slipknot's members have always been male. #5 of Slipknot is Craig Jones, the sampler

Does slipknot go to church?

none of the members of slipknot go to church.

Are the members of slipknot satanic?


Did Mushroomhead steal ideas from Slipknot as they used to have members and instruments very like Slipknot?

No, mushroomhead has almost the same masks. And the members of Slipknot have different masks that reflect their personality.

Do the members in slipknot cut themselves?


What band has 9 members?


Do any of the members of Slipknot have Twitter or Facebook?

There's an official band Twitter: @slipknot

Is slipknot an atheist band?

no they're catholic I can't say about ALL the members of Slipknot but at least 2 of them are Atheist. Any religious belief is their own choice.

How slipknot was formed?

Just a couple of guys from des moines, Iowa had nothing to do so they formed slipknot. Then some guys left (donnie steel and Andrew confesi) and all members of slipknot you see today formed and are now the slipknot you see today.

Are there any famous bands with nine members?

Slipknot has nine members

What is the best slipknot album?

My favorite is their newest "All Hope is Gone" and "Slipknot" !!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think that all of their albums are great. SlipKnoT is a very talented band and I appreciate all of their creations. ______________________________________________________________________ i agree slipknot is Avery talented band and all there albums a great but i like Iowa -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slipknot are awesome but there older albums are best , all hope is gone is a great album don't get me wrong but it wasn't what many expected.As my brother put it " all hope is gone sounds like all nine members of slipknot have been on an anger managment corse"

Where were the band members of Slipknot born?


Do the Slipknot members keep their masks on when not preforming?


How heavy are the members of slipknot?

Extremely Heavy!

Are slipknot members Christian?

No, none of them have a religion.

Is Sean from slipknot satanic?

No members in Slipknot called 'Sean', Shaun Crahan/Clown isn't though.

Who are the two Slipknot members in Stone Sour?

Corey Taylor and Jim Root are in Slipknot and Stone Sour.

What doesn't slipknot members like?

Limp Bizkit

What band contains the most members?

Slipknot, which had 9.

Did slipknot ever have former band members?

Yes they did.