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What is the hidden message in Pokemon Sapphire and how do you find it?

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on emerald ruby and Sapphire i think you are talking about the legendary regi's there names are Regiice regirock and registeel it is too difficult to describe how to get it so go to and click on gamecube games

  1. Dive into the calm water.Make sure you have max repels for on the way to the area. The Sealed Chamber is a cave located beside Pacifidlog Town in the Route 134 ocean current. It is in a space of calm water there with a dark spot to Dive in. Once you Dive, go down until you see Braille on the ocean wall. Go up using Dive. Walk to the end of the room in the middle facing the Braille, and use Dig. A door will open. Having a Wailord as the LastPokemon in your party and a Relicanth as the First, go back and read the inscription again and there will be an earthquake. Then a box that tells you it sounds like doors opening far away. Remember to save before each fight!
  2. Regirock: Go into the Desert above Mauville City look around for a cave and go to the bottom. At the end of the cave you will see the braille. You must be in the center of the wall. Stay at the wall move 2 steps right and 2 steps down and use strentgh

. The door will open save and catch Regirock.

  1. Regice: Fly to Petalburg City and go west. Use Surf, and go southwest until you get to an island. Go across it and go north from there and you will discover a cave. Enter and read the Braille. After you read the tablet wait for a few minutes before the door opens. Go through and go on to fight Regice.
  2. Registeel: Fly to Fortree City. Go as far south as possible out of the city, and follow the path south after the second bit of long grass. On the left there are stairs to the lair. Go in front of the Ancient Tomb.Go to the middle and use Flash. You will open the cave entrance. Go through the door and prepare to fight Registeel after saving.
  3. Try not to use your Master Ball on each of the REGISbecause it is a good idea to save it for Latias/Latios. Bring about 50x Ultra Balls with you for all the 3 regis. If you really struggle type in " how to clone in Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby" on YouTube and you will be able to duplicate the Master balls.

P.S Good Luck!

[edit] Tips
  • To find a Regi-tomb, look for a larger rock surrounded by six small rocks in a circle.
  • A useful Pokemon to use: Ludicolo holding Leftovers~ Aura Orb, Giga Drain, Surf, Rain Dance
    • This Pokemon is resistant to every Regi you will battle. Using Rain Dance will power up its Surf attack while healing you with Rain dance. Rain Dish, in addition to Leftovers, is a great way to replenish health. If you need health faster, you can try Giga Drain against Regirock. Leech Seed/Toxic would probably be best over Giga Drain and Rain Dance, but if you're not careful, the Regi's health will drop to nothing. You may need to switch in a Pokemon to Paralyze or sleep the Regis before capturing, but Ludicolo should be able to hold out for you.
  • If you have Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and beat the Pokemon League, you can import the Regis to Diamond or Pearl. Then go to the Snowpoint Temple, and at the bottom is a strong legendary Pokemon called Regigas. You need all 3 Regis in your party or it won't budge. Regigigas is level 70, so be prepared! (Dusk/Timer balls work best.)
  • In my opinion, Regirock is the hardest. I caught Registeel with one Ultra Ball with yellow health using a Wailord.
  • Bring as many ultra balls and poke Balls with you for the regis.
  • I wouldn't use the regies when trying to cach the rest of them.
  • I would start in this order regice-registeel-regierock
  • If you can, put the regi's to sleep.They will be easier to catch while they are asleep.
[edit] Warnings
  • Save inside the regi's cave so if you kill one it won't disappear.
  • Make sure to bring Relicanth and Wailord to the cavern with you.
  • Master ball isn't a big worry, I used it on Kyoger, thought I suggest saving it for Latios/Latias.
[edit] Things You'll Need
  • Pokemon needed to open the Sealed Chamber is a Relicanth and a Wailord.
  • HM's & TM's needed: Strength ,Surf, Dive,rock smash,fly extremley useful and Dig (TM)
  • Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby have a slightly different way of unlocking the three Regis than Emerald.
  • And of course, a Game Boy Advance and up will only work.
  • Pokeballs and a lot of them.
  • This general advice for catching legendaries, use timer balls!!!!
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Youuse it to find hidden items.

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How do you meet all Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

Well that is quite a difficult task my friend. It is required that you have Pokemon Ruby version as well, as some Pokemon are not found in Sapphire. I have completed the pokedex in Sapphire and I would be happy to help you with any direct questions about where to find a specific Pokemon or how to obtain an evolution. Just post a message on my message board or on this question's discussion page. :)

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You can find the Leftovers item on the S.S. Tidal. It's hidden in a garbage bin somewhere on the ship.

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They are hidden in grass (underwater and above water) and in rocks and walls. Press A, and you should find the shard.

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There is no Pokemon mansion in sapphire.

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Lucario isn't in Sapphire,Sapphire is a Hoenn pokemon,Lucario is a sinnoh pokemon.

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actually you don't find a sneasel in Pokemon sapphire you only get it by trading

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You must find the hidden underwater cave. You have to have the HM Dive. It took me a long time to find it, but he'll be there.

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I'm sorry but you can't find a diglett in Pokemon sapphire, you can only get it by trading

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Dive is omly an HM on Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald Version and they are the only versions where you can go underwater

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Latios is a dragon and psychic type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Sapphire, you can find him roaming around in random locations.

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You can find the normal rank contests in Pokemon ruby and Sapphire is in Verdanturf town

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in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald

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Bea the game

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This person doesn't exist in sapphire.