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Q: What is the highest and lowest pitch of the pipe organ?
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What does pipe length determine in the organ?

Pitch. Longer = lower

Which instrument has the deepest voice?

It is likely that a large, well made pipe organ produces the lowest sounds, at least among the acoustic instruments. Electronically you can produces sounds of arbitrarily low pitch.

How does a pipe organ get its unique sound?

A pipe organ has air that goes through extra long pipes of various lengths that give the organ it's unique pitch and deep timber. Pipe organs nowadays are mostly found in churches and cathedrals.

Lowest type of instrument?

Gimmick quad upright bass violins or contrabass claim to have ultra low frequencies. It takes a machine, two people, or a giant to play one. Traditionally, for practical use, the pipe organ with 26'+ stops is the lowest pitch.

Why are the pipes on a church organ all different lengths?

The differing lengths of pipes are what allow the organ to produce different pitches. Pitch (frequency) is directly related to pipe length. The longer the pipe the lower the pitch. This gives rise to the standard organ terminology that tells the performer at what pitch level a stop (or set of pipes) will sound. This is determined by the theoretical length of the lowest pipe in a particular stop. An 8-foot stop produces notes of unison pitch (on the manual keyboards - 16' for the pedal keyboard). A 4-foot stop produces pitches an octave higher than unison. A 2-foot stop is 2 octaves above unison. A 16-foot stop is one octave below unison, etc.

Why does the pipe organ make the highest noise?

You mean pitch. Noise is unwanted sound. Well, it doesn't - not since the advent of electronic instruments. But before that it was a simple matter to make small pipes that go well above the pitch that can be produced by any other instrument.

Which is bigger a concertina a harmonium or a pipe organ?

pipe organ

What is the patent number for the pipe organ?

There is none. The pipe organ was not invented. It developed in ancient times. However, there are thousands of patents concerning pipe organ parts.

Who discovered the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek Ctesibius.

Which if these instruments is the largest pipe organ harmonium concertina?

Pipe Organ

What kind of instrument is the pipe organ?

The pipe organ is a keyboard instrument.

Which instrument is the largest harmonium pipe organ or concertina?

The pipe organ.

Who inventted the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek inventor Ctesibius.

When was Organ pipe coral created?

Organ pipe coral was created in 1758.

What is the name of the pipe organ music in Minecraft?

The pipe organ is a musical instrument that produces sound by driving pressurized air (called wind) through the organ pipes selected from a keyboard.

What sound does an organ pipe cactus make?

Organ pipe cacti make no noise.

How did the organ-pipe cactus get its name?

The organ pipe cactus is a tall, slender cylindrical cactus, resembling an organ pipe, especially when they grow in groups of plants with differing heights.

On a panpipes the longest pipe has the hightest pitch?

The shorter the pipe the higher the pitch. Conversely the longer the pipe the lower the pitch.

What is the largest rank of a pipe organ called?

It could be anything. It depends on the particular organ. The largest pipe or the largest rank? Read the Wikipedia article on pipe organ and get your terminology straightened out.

What country was the pipe organ made?

The first pipe organ, called the hydraulis, was invented in Greece.

When was Organ pipe mud dauber created?

Organ pipe mud dauber was created in 1773.

When was Moe Pipe Organ Company created?

Moe Pipe Organ Company was created in 1991.

When was Peragallo Pipe Organ Company created?

Peragallo Pipe Organ Company was created in 1918.

The lowest frequecy note of an organ is 16.4 Hz. What is the length of the shortest open organ pipe that will resonate at this frequency?

Scroll down to related links and look for "Closed or Gedackt Organ Pipes - Wikipedia". Organ builders still tend to use feet rather than metres when dealing with organ pipe length and tone e.g. an 8 foot pitched pipe is the same pitch as a piano, and is called '8 foot' because the longest pipe of the rank at this pitch ( the C below the C below Middle C) is 8 feet long. A 4-foot pipe is an octave higher, a 2 foot 2 octaves higher, and a 16 foot rank an octave lower than piano pitch. The fundamental tone of 16.4 Hz represents a 32-foot organ pipe, which is found, except in the very largest organs, only in the pedal section of large instruments. Although the 32 foot pitch is found frequently on large instruments (like cathedral organs) it is not the deepest note of an organ as stated in the question. Some organs, such as the Atlantic City Auditorium organ, USA and Liverpool Cathedral Organ in the UK have 64-foot ranks giving the lowest note as 8.2 Hz. On most organs offering 64-foot ranks, the sound is either produced by a stopped 32-foot pipe, or acoustically, where two shorter pipes are tuned so that the beats between them produce a 64-foot tone. Many huge organs do have a 64' rank (usually called gravissima), but nearly all of them are produced by either a stopped 32' or acoustically. There are not more then 5 organs that has a true (not acoustic, stopped, nor digital), (only counting the rank(S) that accually goes down to the sub-sub-contra C) 64 foot rank, three of them are the organ at the Atlantic City Convention Hall Main Auditorium, the organ at Sydney City Hall, and the one at Worcester Cathedral, in UK. The shortest lengh that will produce 16.4Hz (CCCC) is 16 ft, although this note is the C of the sub-contra octave, this 16ft pipe is stopped on the top, so it produces the note that corresponds to twice that lengh(32ft) . Also should be mentioned, the lowest (true) note on an acual organ is CCCCC which is 8 Hz, that single note cannot be heard alone. THE lowest note is produced by either stopping the 64' or combining the 64' and the fifth(42 2/3) to produce a 128' CCCCCC which is 4 Hz. The lowest note is produced by combinding a stopped 64' ( 128') and stopped 42 2/3' (85 1/3') to produce a resultant 256' which is 2Hz on CCC CCC C, this note is not considered audible by the human ear

In what desert is the organ pipe cactus found?

The organ pipe cactus is primarily found in the Sonoran Desert.