What is the highest deet percent allowed in Canada?


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Until about 2005 you could buy up to 98% DEET but the highest concentration you can find retail now is 30%. My personal opinion is it works just as well.

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DEET is a very strong insect repelent!

No, DEET is the organic compound diethyltoluamide.

Yes, DEET spray will kill scabies. DEET spray can be purchased at most retail store such as Walmart and pharmacy's such as CVS.

DEEt is an acronym for N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide, a pesticide.

Kakawate is a natural mosquito repellent that is being studied in place of deet based repellents. Scientists are developing new mosquito repellents since mosquitoes have developed resistance to deet based products.

Deet is not effective in killing scabies. The easiest way to get rid of them is to take a bath filled with lots of table salt.

Deet is really very effective as an insect repellant. Avoid using it around babies and small animals as it is poison.

Tricky question, but this question is false. Don't mean to make you confused, but photosynthesis doesn't occur in mushrooms. A DEET, DEET!

Most likely the Crazy Frog or the theme to Beverly Hills Cop. In a Family Guy Episode in which Peter goes back in time he says Dee Dee Dee etc. and another Dee Dee Dee, you may recognize that from such a show, in general the Theme to Beverly Hills Cop is redone a lot. The Crazy Frog is one of those instances.

The amount of Deet in a product usually determines how long the product will be effective against insects. If you are outside for a short amount of time you may want to go with 7 to 15% Deet concentration. If you are outside for longer periods then 25% and up may be your best option.

the active ingredient is DEET

Deet is the best bug repellant. People generally say that it is safe for adults in small doses. It should be avoided around babies and small children.

I don't think it's needed. The purpose of Deet is to mask your smell, making you "invisible" I see no added benefit going beyond that.

Anything with DEET as the active or citronella.

Produced by S.C. Johnson & Son, Baygon is an insecticide that is used to kill various pests, such as ants, silverfish, and crickets. None of the Baygon products contains the DEET ingredient.

The most common ingredient is Deet.

deet-SAH (דיצה) which means "joy".

For most repellents, it is a chemical known as DEET.

The most effective ingredient in mosquito repellent is DEET, this is often combined with other ingredients such as essential oils. DEET free repellents are available, one of the most popular being citronella oil.

I would try deep woods off. You will have to apply it heavy though. If you need something with more deet in it, check with Wal-Mart and see if they still sell 100% deet liquid.

Off or anything with Deet (for your person) or the candles for events outdoors.

it needs to contain the chemical DEET to be effective.

Citronella is good or deet products to keep them away from you personally.

A baby hermit crab..............................deet da deee

Permethrin is a suspected human carcinogen. DEET is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. It's considered safe enough to use on human skin (in low concentrations). A mixture of a permethrin-based insecticide and a DEET based one shouldn't be any worse than the permethrin one alone. We'd have to know more about what kind of risk you're talking about to give you a better answer than that.

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