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What is the highest football score ever?


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it depends are you thinking NFL or NCAA


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The most lopsided score was in 1916 when Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland by the score of 222-0. That is the highest score ever recorded.

The highest score in NCAA is 222-0 scored by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Rangers against Celtic the score was 8-2 to rangers

I think the highest score ever made is 70 points made by the Texas Longhorns when they once beat Arkansas.

I think the highest score ever made in college football is 70 points when the Texas Longhorns won against Arkansas. No it's Georgia Tech 222 Cumberland 0.

Chelsea's highest score in football is Chelsea vs Wigan 8-0

The highest score ever was 1,322,060.

7 is their highest score ever.

the highest score in football ever is 32-0 it was really 31-0 but they scored SO many goals they lost count!!!!!!!

128 was Ohio State's highest single game score.

The highest ever score in AFL is 239 scored by Geelong.

The highest score is 132. If you can beat that, please notify me at

The highest score ever achieved in pac man was 3,333,360.

The highest score of the computer game Jetman was 20717. The highest score is always changing, which can be found on the game itself when you play.

The highest score int he NCAA was 113 to 0. This in a football game.

If by school you mean score then the highest score is 31-0 when the socceroos (Australia) defeated American Samoa in 2001. Archie Thompson got a record 11 goals in this match.

24,210,720 by AWPrince (A.W Prince) Score Board on October 19, 2012 is the highest score ever.

i believe the highest competitive game score was 13-0 against Loughborough

Dec. 8, 1940 Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0

The highest score ever recorded was 186 points in the 60s or 70s (can't remember). And the other tem scored 184.

highest pig rush score ever can be seen by going into the online scores in the game from memory its something like 999,999,999 and thats about to be my score soon

In Iron Chef America, the Highest Score was awarded to Iron ChefMasaharu Morimoto with a score of 59 out of 60.

Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-1 in 1916. This is the highest score ever recorded for a college football game.

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